Bellyrubs and Babydust!!
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Tracy - March 14

I am good with the name too; or we could call it "The Bitch Knows my Address!!!!!" Just kidding, I like Lori's better!


Lori - March 14

Ok, so I should be in bed sleeping by now. But, the wind has kicked up something fierce and has me scared!! I swear to God that one gust we got knocked the house off the foundation!! I should just go snuggle up to DH and hide under the covers, lol!!! Good night everybody!!


d - March 14

Hey Ladies. Lori you ok? So ladies I guess you can say i am on my 2ww. whether I o'd on time or not I am not sure. Again Last night I talked to one of my aunts and soon as she heard it was me on the phone. she said "you pregnant yet "? i said not as far as I know. I know af will be late this month. it is always seems to be late when I really pay attention. Hope everyone is well. I like both new thread names. But i do like The Bitch knows my address.. that was a good thought. Ok well. Bellyrubs and Babydust!!!


Tracy - March 14

Hey girls. Just checking in. Migraine is still lingering. Don't know how I'm ever going to have a baby with the sinus problems I have. I left teaching due to all these sinus problems, thinking my school had mold in it, but apparently I just have allergies 8 out of 12 months in the year. This sucks. I looked through my agenda book from last year to see if there was a pattern and discovered that my headaches came back this exact time last year. What am I going to do?


Lori - March 14

Hello ladies! I have started the new thread. Go ahead and check in when ever you get the chance. "BLESS OUR BELLIES" is the title. Take Care!



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