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jcr - February 11

OK, here we go... who is going to be the bfp on this thread!! Thanks again ladies for all your kind words and support. BIG HUGS and see ya'll here!


Lynn - February 11

I wish I could fill those shoes but not this month. I am feeling a alot of bitchy coming out so I believe a miracle did not happen this month. jcr./...thansk for starting this. Maybe each month we need to begin a new one....wait we did that this month. I believe since we talk soooo much it might need to become a bi-weekly


d - February 11

Well we will be home this weekend. Something with the systems at his job went down and has to be there to fix it tomorrow afternoon-evening (while the snowstorm starts to hit) and he works 1 hour away. But i will be home. Hope everyone is well and I am glad i found the new thread.Lots of Bellyrubs and babydust.


Lynn - February 11

Did everyone get lost finding this one? Checking to see how everyone is. Cd 29 for me and so far nothing. check back later.....


d - February 11

Hey Ladies. Lynn keep going. Rooting for you. Old Man Winter has arrived in NJ. Dh went to work and it is still cloudy where he works but over here the ground is now white along with the trees. Just hope he will be on his way soon. if for any lucky chance i get pg this month the baby would be due on my dh birthday. Anyone watch the opening ceremonies to the olympics? if you did the acrobats that formed the dove was amazing the whole act was amazing and by the time the made the dove at the end i was crying..LOL i am soo sentimental. always have always will be. anyone around? I hope everyone is ok.


Lynn - February 11

Gosh...Hope everyone did not get lost in the name change. I watched some of the opening ceremonies but fell asleep waiting for all of the countries to walk in. I thought they were beginning at 8pm and when it did not start until 9pm, I knew I was in trouble (I am not a late person anymore). Well...hope to find some more people later.


EMM - February 12

Hey everyone. I am visiting with family, but I wanted to let you all know that I am still here! Check back tomorrow!


Tracy - February 12

Hey ladies!!!! I wasn't lost, I had to work yesterday and spent time with my mom, who drove up for the weekend. I started clomid again yesterday. This time I am taking 100mg. Hsg is tomorrow; hoping everything comes out clear. Today is cycle day 6 and nsd5. Yes, I have managed to go this long without a cigarette. I am cool though. I rarely want one. I am still on the patch, but each day I cut it to make it smaller and smaller. If I don't wear a patch, I'm sure I can come up with some excuse to smoke, but with it on, smoking is just not an option. JCR--have I missed anything???? Lynn, a month is a long time to wait for an answer to anything. For some reason, last month I just knew it wasn't my month either. No miracle.....hang in there girl. I have an inkling that I am only working with one good ovary, so I'm right there with ya sista! This month I should ovulate well, if not, I'm changing doctors, because I want more guarded care. I want ultra-sounds; answers. I think I got a job working for Pottery Barn Kids. I talked to one of the managers yesterday and she seemed really interested and is going to have the general manager call me. She called my old boss already and spoke with my current boss. I would be a Coordinator, which is like a floor manager, and you are given a section of the store to manage, as far as visuals and inventory. This store looks like it's going to be big. They open March 10th. Wish me luck. Well, I'm glad to see everybody is doing well. I'll check back in after a while for updates. Big hugs....


Lynn - February 12

Tracy.....I was wondering how the non-smoking is going. I am proud of you making it this long and what a great idea to cut the patch. I had my HSG in Feb 2005. Did they tell you to take some pain reliever? I took mine too early so when I finally had the HSG, I still felt a little pain. It only really hurts when they put the dye in and x-ray it. The x-ray dont hurt, it is closing off your cervix so the dye will go where it should so they can see. I am a strong advocate for "if your not happy with that doctor, move to another one". Sometimes I think we are held hostage because we are afraid to hurt someones feelings (that was my reason for mot wanting to move). But then I thought...he is not looking out for my best interest so.....I need to go where my best interest is going to be looked after. My OB did not do any monitoring. I did not have ultrasounds until I went to RE. Good luck on the new job offer. Hope it all works out for you. check back later...going to get tires for my jeep.


Lori - February 12

Hi everybody. I am not "lost"(well maybe a little but in a different way) just having a really bad run of luck this weekend! Won't bring anybody else down about it though. Tracy - so glad to hear that you are doing well at kicking the nasty habit. Quite the opposite for me I am afraid, stress just does it to me!! I need PROZAC!! And even on a Sunday I am going to say that - Sometimes God DOES give you more than you can handle!! Sorry, I am getting off track. Lynn - how are you doing this weekend? Has AF came for a visit or are you keeping her away? CC - How is everything going with your dad? Thinking about you, and hoping you are ok!! JCR - Thinking of you too, how are you feeling these days?? Hope all is well with you!! D and EMM - my thoughts are with you too!! Take care everybody!! I'll check in later!!


Lori - February 12

Oh, and Tracy - about the HSG. I don't want to scare you because everybody is different and I had it years ago and it didn't hurt a bit. But, this last one I had all but killed me!! Of course they had trouble with the x-ray machine so they had to keep running the dye through, they had me breathing like I was in labor, ready to vomit, etc. and they were apologizing up and down. I could hardly walk afterward. And the real b**** was that it was at a hospital an hour away and I drove myself and with one way streets and all, I got lost and had to stop for directions twice on the way back home. And a one hour trip took me a little over two hours. (Now you understand about the kind of luck I have in my life). So just make sure that you medicate yourself with motrin, ibuprophen or something along those lines about an hour before going in.


Lulu - February 12

Afternoon Ladies! sorry havent checked in. a friend of mine's mom had passed so i've been spending time with her. Nothing to say at the moment in regards to baby making. I'm on day 10. been testing with clearblue monitor thingy. BD'ing like our honeymoon and just doing the wait and see thing. hope all is well with yall. have a great sunday!


Tracy - February 13

Lulu, so glad to see you have not left us!!! Lynn-- I did have those thoughts of not wanting to pffend the guy who is treating me, but I also feel like I'm missing part of the picture. I am trying to take him at his word, but I don't know if he's being straight with me. I think he is. He seems to be confident that I'll be PG in no time, but I want to know how he is coming to this conclusion. I think I just want him to explain to me what he sees that I don't. I'll make sure to buy some advil on my way there. It's going to take a little while to drive there. Let's pray for some CLEAR tubes!!!!! Thanks for the heads up on the HSG Lori. I hope all is well, and if you need to talk we are all here for you, regardless of what it's about. Yeah, so I've now officially made it 5 whole days without smoking. I've wanted on a couple times, but just can't do it. I think it's because I want this baby so bad and don't want to play that game anymore. I can't keep smoking and just hope it happens for me. I have to be pro-active. JCR......WHAT"S UP???? CC---update us as soon as you read this!!!!! Emm, how are you today??? D----you are so lucky to be in winter wonderland right now. I am soooo jealous! I missed the opening ceremony for the Olympics, I really wanted to see it. Well girls, gonna go finish watching my favorite show......Extreme Makeover Home Edition!!!!!!! Gonna shed some of this water weight by crying it off!!!!


Lynn - February 13

Lori.....I had the same thing happen to me with the HSG. Something about the tube they insert that puts the dye in kept falling out (and boy does that hurt like a B****). Tracy.....stop and get some advil and take it when you pull into the hopital parking lot so it has time to begin working. I also took mine too early and it did no good for me. Lulu....keep on BDing and enjoy it. Lori....sorry you are going through a rough spot. If you need us, we are here. jcr....I hope you have not left us. Haven't heard from you so hope this pregnany is getting you all sick and stuff. is your dad? When is your next RE appointment? Tracy....last thing about the OB. If you are not getting the answers, move on to where you will get the answers. I was going to the same OB since I have moved to NC (nine years ago). When I had my first m/c, he kind of moved me onto a RE and did not have anything to do with me for the last 3 years. When all heck broke loose with my ectopic and I wasn't happy with that RE, I decided to go to a new RE in the practice and went to a new OB that was highly recommended by many girlfriends and co-workers. So I decided to be pro-active and make things good for me. It was a huge step but I am glad I did. i love my new OB and my new RE is a wonderful doctor. Do what us right for pay them to help you. is that winter weather?


EMM - February 13

Tracy- I love Extreme Makeover too. Usually I watch it every week. Things are pretty quiet here. I have researched some vitamins and supplements to get started for DH. I know that it could happen again naturally, but now I am on some sort of personal mission to get his count up so that we can be considered for IUI. Hopefully the doc will call tomorrow to set up the appointment for the ultrasound. Where is everyone at in their cycle? I am on cd 6. Usually by now I am barely bleeding, but this makes the 2nd month that I have had heavy flow at the end of it.


jcr - February 13

Hi Everyone! Sorry I was out of touch over the weekend. We were out of town for my nieces shower. All is well with me. The bbs are killing me and I feel kinda yucky all the time, but not too bad. I go in tomorrow for b/w again to make sure all is going well. I have a list of questions for my Re. Lori, I hope all is ok with you? We are here if you need us and please, use us to vent so you feel better. Sometimes you just need to get it out and it helps. WE are here for you! Lynn, hope the b**** is good and lost. Tracy how are you doing? Excellent job on the no smoking. I am soo proud of you. Lulu, welcome back, hope you are gettin' busy! d, what day are you on now? Tracy, make sure you get the answers from the RE. Don't stop until you feel like you are satisfied. I had problems with my first RE and am sooo happy I changed to someone who would actully listen and respond to me! CC, I hope you are ok and your Dad is doing better, let us know. Ok now that we are at the beginning of a new thread-what day is everyone on?? BIG HUGS and Bellyrubs and babydust with crazy glue!


Tracy - February 13

I am on cd6. I started crying a little while ago with that whole fear thing again. Remember last month when we were talking about the "do or die" time of the month. Well, it is almost upon me again and I am, of course, scared I am never going to get pg. Sometimes I wish I didn't care so much just so it wouldn't hurt so bad and be such a roller coaster ride of emotions. Well, I have to look at the bright side...JCR got a BFP!!!!!!!! YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!



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