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CC - January 18

Ok girlies, here you go! Hope to see everyone here soon!


EMM - January 18

Hey everyone. I am glad for a new thread. Kind of like a new beginning. I have been reading up a lot on IUI. Does anyone have personal experience? On the few sites that I have found it seems that the success rate isn't as high as I would think. Hope to talk soon. Dust!


CC - January 18

EMM-Most of the others are doing or have done IUI in the past...I also have read up recently on it since thats where I am headed. I am wracked w/ nerves about it already and I dont even know when my 1st one will be. I am thinking if the RE puts me back on the meds for PCOS it might be a few months.


EMM - January 18

CC-I think that might be the best thing that my dh and I can do. We definitely won't be able to afford IVF. He says he knows that his sperm count is low, so it might just be the solution for us. I ovulate every month exactly on day 14, and my cycles are 27 days long every month for the entire time that I have been charting. Here is a personal q? I don't know how much you let your other family members know about your concerns, but will you tell everyone? I mean people in my family know that we are having a hard time ttc again, but I haven't really told them that we are considering using "helpers." I don't really know if I want to to. My dh's side of the family is alway so critical of me. Since he is not healthy (he has other conditions) they baby him so much, and I am always under a microscope. I just don't know if I want them knowing. What do you think


CC - January 18

Lynn-I dont know why nothing would be covered under your insurance if you did another IUI...Nothing covered, not even the meds ?? Do you know if you have a IUI limit, or if you can only have 1 in a certain amount of time, regardless of the fiscal year ? Does your RE office help you with any of this stuff ? I know infertility isnt covered or partially covered by most insurance's, and some RE's office sound and seem reluctant to help with insurance issues at all.


CC - January 18

EMM-Since my DH has motility issues I am hoping its our answer too. When you say about using helpers, would you need donor sperm, or you mean the IUI process itself ?


EMM - January 18

Well we have 1 child already, so I am hoping that he just has motility issues as well. Oh, when I say "helpers" I just mean the process itself. Anything other than on our own I guess. My husband's sis got pregnant in just 1 month after being off the pill, and now we are getting compared to her and her husband quite often...even though we already have a child. I hate it.


Lori - January 18

EMM - we do IUIs. It is a simple process. I have never experienced any pain during the procedure. Afterward, I have had cramping, some severe. Like CC asked, are you referring to "helpers" as donor sperm? I think that the man has it rougher because they "Have" to "perform". One time we were a little late getting to the RE office because poor DH was feeling the pressure (they only except samples between 6:30 - 7:00 am), and they let it be known that we were late! But, with low sperm counts and low motility, IUI is a procedure worth giving a try. Any other questions, don't hesitate to ask.


EMM - January 18

Thanks Lori. No, I just meant that anything other than just the two of us as "helper." I will be more clear next time. Like I said my inlaws are just very quick to criticize. So, I just wonder if you guys share info with family, or keep it to yourselves?


CC - January 18

EMM-How insensitive is your DH's family!! I think with a circumstance like that, I dont think I would share any info with them at all about your efforts. They already know you are having a hard time and they dont seem very kind to that fact. When you do get pregnant, if you wanted to share the experiences with them afterwards, then maybe, but during the process..I wouldnt say a word. Both my and dh's family know we are having some trouble, my family knows more because they ask and I tell them, dh's family is anxious for us to have kids, but they dont ask (prob cause they know we are having problems). Sorry that you have that extra pressure from them. Shame on them!!


Elyse - January 18

Hi Ladies. I just found this new thread. OK - here is my experience with IUI. I am 35 now and have not really had infertility "problems". 2 yrs ago, my partner (a woman) and I decided to have a baby and that I would carry. We chose a fertility practice and went. He suggested IUI from the start (obviously). Here's how it worked. On cd3, I was to come to the office for bloodwork to get baselines. I began taking Repronex (injectables) that night. I was to take one shot every night for 3 nights and come the following day for bloodwork and u/s. The follicles were growing and the lining was getting thicker. So I continued Repronex shots for 2 nights and came back the 3rd day for bloodwork and scan. Everything looking good - follicles growing (I think I had 2 on each side) and lining good. Repronex for another 2 nights and back for bloodwork and scan. OK, now 2 follicles ready (20 and 19), so one more night of Repronex and bloodwork and scan the following day. Ok, now 3 follicles ready and getting ready to ovulate, based on bloodwork. They called that day with instrxns...take the HCG trigger that night at 7 PM and come the following morning at 8 AM for IUI and the day after that at 8AM for 2nd IUI. 2 days after IUI, start progesterone and come 5 days later for prog levels bloodwork and 1 week after that for pg test. VOILA! Pregnant. I have an 18 month old and we are trying again. We did IUI in Nov, then waited 1 month and now we are trying again. IUI on SUn and Mon, pg test on 30th. I am very hopeful - feeling the symtpoms, but we will see.


jcr - January 18

Hi! It is nice to have a new thread!! I love BELLY BUMPS! That is where we are all heading soon! I am just doing a quick email. Our neighbors had sperm motility issues, had less than 2% chance of concieving naturally. Had 1 baby IVF, then got pg naturally. He said he started drinking green tea faithfully????? Wouldn't hurt to try? I'll write more later. bellyrubs and big hugs and road to bellybumps!


Lynn - January 19

CC...I have no clue about the insurance. IUI's and IVF's were never covered. But my meds have always been covered. In August, we used follistim and did prego but ended in an ectopic. After me healing time and them being closed for the lead me to this month and now I find out insurance will not cover any meds if done with IUI or IVF. I am still calling and asking. No RE office does nothing to help...she basically complained to me yesterday that they hated dealing with my perscription company (which is medco). UGH!!!!! Need to get home before 5pm to call. EMM....I have doen 3 IUI's in the last year (2005). 2 IUI's were done with clomid. Nothing....basically i was responding okay with clomid but seeing it dries up CM, they wanted to do an IUI to by-pass all that. After spending $ for those and nothing, I took a 6 month break from IUI's. In Aug 2005, I did 1st worked but ended in my ectopic (which happens often when using injections). My RE office only does 1 IUI so you would need to ask what is standard practice in your office. I have been going to an RE for the better part of almost 2 years...My biggest suggestion...ask all the questions you can ask. They are getting paid to help you so no question should ever be viewed as stupid or they are going to laugh at me for asking. I have learned lots in my 2 years and I now ask everything...especially after my emergency surgery. Gosh...I feel like this is going to be so long....(sorry girls) EMM...about dh family....I know exactly where you come from. My in-laws are awful. It is mostly my mother-in-law and sister-in-law....they are always saying little things and comparing the fact my dh has 2 children from previous marriage and why are we not having any. My mother-in-law even went as far as spreading my dh had a vasectomy (sp) before we met. In 2004, we got pregnant and never said anything...I miscarried 6 weeks later. When we got pregnant in August 2005, we were not saying anything either...we were going to give ultrasound picture at Christmas...when I was rushed to the hospital...dh was scared and called them ( being from pittsburgh..I have NO family here). That is how they found out we were pregnant. They have no clue were are going to a RE (only my mom does). So..if his family is judging and looking for every little thing...don't tell. jcr...femera seems to be going headaches....and I got on 26th to see if I responded to meds. Lastly...sorry so long...


Tracy - January 19

Hey girls! Still kind-of depressed today, but it's helpful to know that it is just my hormones. Last night DH said it's probably also that I got AF and am only facing my anger and fears now. He had a good point. I wish I had something to add about IUI or insurance, but I haven't done IUI yet and disregard the fact that insurance doesn't cover a whole lot. I just pay for whatever needs paying for. (Not that I can afford it.) DH also said last night that if we don't get PG this month we are switching to another really reputable guy and will pay out of our wedding money if we have to. I thought that was sweet and told him it will cost 200.00 just to walk in the door and he said fine. So I feel good about that because this other doctor is GOOD. So is the one I go to, but he is so busy and I think I want a little better service, you know, maybe some monitoring or IUI. I know he feels confident the clomid will work for me by itself, but I fear I'm wasting time. We'll see, maybe I will have a bfp before I need to consider changing doctors. I like the positive energy belly bumps brings....the old thread had AF written all over it!!!!!


Tracy - January 19

Oh and Emm, about the family thing, I agree to keep it to yourself and to your family. I am fortunate enough to have great in-laws, although there is one person in the family that I don't want knowing my business anymore. I therefore just don't talk about my struggle around that one person.


Tracy - January 19

Ok, here is something I'll bet you haven't heard before.......I just fell down my stairs!!!!!!!! I am such an idiot!!!! I didn't know whether to laugh or cry and I was too afraid to move because I was afraid I broke my back. I was wearing socks going down carpeted steps so my feet just slipped out from under me and I landed on my back. DH came running and lifted me up and hugged me (he's so sweet). I just started crying........then I laughed:) My lower back hurts now, so I'm gonna go lay down and call my sister. Love ya!


EMM - January 19

I am glad to hear that I am not the only one who has inlaw issues. I am very afraid that if everyone knows that they will question that my son is my husband's. I know, and he knows and that is all that matters. But what if those crazy inlaws of mine start thinking, or worse saying stuff like that. I wish that I had a mother-in-law that I liked and wanted to hang out with and shop with, but fat chance of that ever happening. Thanks for relating.



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