being on depo provera and ttc for 1year
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rach - June 16

hi i am 18 and i was on the depo for 3 months my periods returned after 6 months after stopping it and i have been tryin to conceive ever since. my fiance and i are very stressed we have tried allsorts now but i dont want to go to my gp for advice as i was dictated to when i went for contraception.i am thinking of changing my gp anyway.i am due to ovulate tomorrow apparently but i havnt had my lh surge yet this is the 1st month i have decided to monitor it as i dont think i am producing any eggs at all. i am so down and i want somebody to talk to about it or to get help as i may need fertility drugs. i would love to have children but the strain its putting on us is enormous. when my fiance was young he had an accident and he lost the use of one of his testicles so that maybe it i dont know it could be me.please somebody get back to me


Teresa - June 17

Hi rach, I have been having the same problem. I was on depo for a year and have been ttc for 8 mos. I have had very irregular (16-40day) cycles and am not ovulating regularly. I just started charting but I haven't seen any temp change at all. There could be many reasons for why you are not pg, so I would go see a doctor asap. You should find a good ob/gyn first, and they can help you get started. There are so many things they can help you with, especially after a ttc for a year. Hope all goes well! (By the way, I'm 22 my dh and I have two children already, so they shouldn't lecture you for being young!)



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