being hurt about news of a freind......
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christina - June 29

hi girls,
i am in need of some advice, i am not hooked up to a new forum yet, awaiting a password and such, but anyway, if one person responds rudely i dont need it right now, anyway here goes, i have sat for years and watched all my firends getting pregnant first, when we started trying 8 years ago, and been thorugh hell, and still nothing, now i have a friend who finds the need to throw it in my face how much sex she has, how she will be pregnant first and is ver immature about it, so she tried last month firts time and calls me yesterday to say she tested positive, of course i m happy but wonder why its never gonna be us, now she hated to be near pregnant people and knew what we are going through, and has the nerve to change her tone now that it is her and not care about others feelings, so she calls today and says-my hubby and i were talking about you and your hubby and since you will obviously never conceive we will give ya one if we have multiples, and laughs! i am not laughing and this really upset me.she even admitted she just wanted to be pregnant so she can be first of all our friends it isnt a competition, it is a beautiful part of life, so with that story any advice here will be great. baby dust!


Dawn - June 29

I am sorry to hear that your so called friend is being so unsensitive about this! She should not be rubbing it in. Maybe you should tell her that she is hurting you. I know what it feels like to want a baby and not get one. My husband and I tried for over 2 years and finally a friend of mine told me about a nutritionist who formulates his own herbal supplements. I called him and ordered the herbs he suggested and was preg in 2 1/2 months. I am telling everyone about this because it works. All my friends that have taken it have gotten preg in less than 3 months.I now have a healthy 2 year old son. I had a m/c in April and started back on the herbs after the m/c. I just ordered my 3rd month supply. I would be more than happy to give you the info if you would like it. You can email me at [email protected]. I will be praying for you!


To Meg - June 29

Please don't be so rude. People do have feelings you know. This is not a place for you to have fun!


Drew - June 29

Christina, you don't need a "friend" like that!! Your such a nice lady!! Real friends don't do things like that. Let her know that if she keeps it up, your done with the friendship. Keep your chin up hun, your time will come. :)


christina - June 29

thanks ladies! i will keep your advice in mind drew and dawn! meg i am ingoring you, i am sorry but you are mean and retarded and that is putting it nicely, drew write me via email i would love to chat with you, you have some cool advice, it is [email protected], baby dust to all!


christina - June 29

ps- thanks for the kind words drew, you are a very nice lady as well!


Drew - June 30

No problem Christina! I will e-mail you, it seems as though thats the only way anyone can have a conversation without the immaturity of others. :)


Kelly - June 30

Sounds like she is not really a friend. As I get older, I realize that I don't want to waste my time with people who make me unhappy. Life is too short. Good luck and lots of baby dust*~*~*~*~!


Jill - June 30

I know how you feel. My friend didn't decide to have a baby until she found out that we were trying. Then she got pregnant before me, and actually delivered last week. She knew the problems we've had, and still talked of nothing but the baby. I listened to it for 8 months. I tried Clomid that month, and finally asked her to not talk so much about the baby. She told me that she wasn't going to pretend to not be excited about her new son just because I'm having problems. And she was supposed to be my best friend, we've stood by each other through so much. But now we don't talk anymore. I agree whole-heartedly with Drew. You don't need a "friend" that will be that insensitive when you need support. She won't change. She's the kind of person that would get pregnant as soon as you do, just so she could steal the attention. Good luck, and I'll keep you in my prayers.


MelissaS - June 30

Hey Christina, I'm so sorry she is so rude. I truely think it's time to stop taking her calls all together. How mean is she?! And for some of the other responses here, this is why I went to the other site (I just look for you and Drew). Drew, e-mail me at [email protected] and I will give you the link to our forum at You have to register first, but the women there are nice and supportive.


christina - June 30

thanks girls appreciate it. i signed up melissa and saw your adorable profile and pics! i am still waiting to posts it said it could take awhile did that happen to you or maybe it is our computer.


MelissaS - June 30

Have you got your password and all that? Hey, did you get my e-mail yesterday?


Erica - July 1

I posted a similar post recently. Yes, it is very painful to learn of friend after friend getting pregnant when you are trying so hard. I can't believe the insensitivity of your friend though...unreal! I woudn't really consider her a friend if she can't even be supportive about something that is so very obviously extremely important to you. My friends keep reassuring me that my day is coming...not making jokes about the problems I am experiencing. Best luck to you. I wish you a BFP this month!


Claire - July 1

Dawn, I am e-mailing you about the supplements.



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