before and after ovulation
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melina - July 3

How many days before and after ovulation your chances to get pregnant are good? All these ovulation calculator they said abou 6 days.....what do you think ladies?


chelle - July 3

I was just told that ovulation only takes 15 minutes. After ovulation your egg is only good for 12 hours, it is best to bd the day or two before & the day of ovulation, sperm can live an average 1-3 days, so your most fertile time is the day before!!! Hope it helps you, like it help me!! Good luck to you!


Nans - July 3

There is a 6 days fertility window. Good chances of getting pregnant is having BD 4 days before ovulation, the day of ovulation, and 1 day after ovulation.


Lena - July 4

Your chances for cnception are greated immediately after ovulation within ~ 6-8 hours. The 6 day window you read about is because ovulation isn't exact from cycle to cycle. You could ovulate day 12 one cycle and day 16 the next. Both would be considered normal. You have intercourse during those 6 days to ensure sperm is in your uterus when you ovulate.


kc - July 5

The sperm needs to be in your tubes before ovulation. Since the egg is only good for a short time the sperm may not make it to the tube if you only bd on ovulation day. The best rule of thumb is every other day the week you ovulate. Try to hit the day before or the day of. Your most fertile time is the day or two before you ovulate when you hit your lh surge which is 12 to 36 hours before you ovulate. Some doctors say to bd the day of and the day after also just incase you ovulate twice that month. Some women do (twins) which if you do it is usually 24 hours apart. I hope this helps. Lots of luck to you all.



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