been trying for a year!!
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liannem - January 21

Hey me and my boyfriend have been together for 4 years this year, and for the past year we have been trying for a baby. Neither of us smoke, drink when we go out,which is not often. Now we are starting to get a bit worried, what should i do?? Can anyone suggest anything and has this happened to anyone and then got pregnant?


tk07 - January 21

hi! do you know that you ovulate for sure? are your cycles real regular?
i can suggest going to the Dr since it has been a year or starting to do bbt charting which gives you so much information. you might ovulate later or earlier than you think and are just missing it. good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


addie1717 - January 21

I have been trying for a year too! Many many people conceive after trying for a year or more. What I have learned, is that everything happens for a reason and when it is time. Maybe buy some ovulation predictor kits. I buy mine at They are cheap and you can buy them as a pack with pregnancy tests too! Good luck!


BabyOnMyMind - January 26

Hi. It's been over a year for me too. They tested my levels, performed an ultrasound, and the dye test. Everything was OK but we are still not pregnant. Very frustrated but plan to see the specialist soon. My husband would like to give it a few more months.


iampg - January 26

hi all, we thought we were trying for a year, but my DH confessed he wasn't sure if he was ejaculating "all the way" - something i guess guys can keep hidden, like fake orgasms. we're on our second month of him ejaculating into an instead cup and letting me inseminate myself. sorry if this is too much info - but keep it in mind. if a 67 yr old can give birth then you all can get pg - with the right tools. keep eliminating the things that don;t work. hugs.



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