been trying for 6mths cant get pregnant
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amanda - March 5

i gave birth to a baby in aug 04 but unfortunatley he died at birth he had the cord several time around his neck and a series of nots i have 3 other children in which i didnt think it would be so hard to concieve again what i want to know is there a tablet that you can take to increase fertility and if so where to get it i live in the uk engaland but would be greatful for any other input thanks


babyblues - March 5

amanda I also live in uk and trying to concive. 6mths isn't long. when I had my first baby 5yrs ago it only took me 3mths to concive it then tookme a yr to full the second time but this was ectopic and I lost tube and baby at 12 wks. I went to see my GP after trying for a yr but they said I had to try for a min of 18mths because I only have one tube and my last pregnancy took a yr. Because I've now been trying for 2yrs the doc has put me on clomid as this should help to ensure I release an egg each month. I'm sorry for your lose but I don't think you will get any help untill you've been trying for at least a yr. I have herd you can bye Clomid on the net but I would advise against this. Just keep trying it should happen soon..Good luck!!!!



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