been trying for 12 months- ???
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shybaby - January 27

DH and I have been ttc for 12 months...I have been tested, all of my blood work is good, my HSG came back perfect, my cycles are very regular every 30 days, I have used OPK's and gotten +++ and DH had a SA done and all was well- my question is any advice on my next step, I am seeing my doctor on Feb 12th and I want answers, something!!! Anyone else in a similar situation- I feel so depressed, I never thought a year ago that I wouldn't have a baby or atleast be pg already - thanks :)


Chas - January 27

Be patient is all I can tell you. I know it's hard. It took us 14 months to get pg and then I miscarried. But, my dh has a low sperm count. We have been trying now since April and no pregnancy yet. It sounds like you are both healthy, maybe it's all in the timing... try some preseed, maybe it's your cm. Worth a try.


yam - May 11

Dont gave up i try for two years and it just happen i test positive this evening. you are in my prayers.


Tink - May 11

after having all those tests done- i would seek a fertility specialist's help- an RE (reproductive endocrinologist) if you haven't already. the next step for them might be doing a clomid challenge test to help with and better identify your ovulation and perhaps help it along. next steps after that might be doing IUIs- intrauterine inseminations- where they provide you with either clomid or injectables to increase ovulation, then a trigger shot to release the eggs (for timing purposes), then manually insert your DH"s sperm into your cervix through a tube. They might also do a 'hamster test' to check if your DH's sperm even gets through- sometimes we have 'hostile mucous" that blocks or kills the sperm from getting where it needs to go. Those are just some things that might be a next step if you see a specialist. after a year of trying and all the basic testing done, i would think that is your next course of action! good luck and baby dust



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