been on the pill and want to have a baby!!!!
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inlove96 - May 24

I am about to be 25 years old....just got married to my fiance (whom i have been with since we were 14). We got married on may 6, 2006. I have been on the pill since I was 18 years old...and REALLY want a baby. He is not ready yet, but I have medical problems that could stop us from having kids at all if we don't try. I have been diagnosed with Endo on the outside of my uterus about 2 years ago, and have been on contintuous birth control since then. I really really want a baby and fear that that won't happen if we wait. My friend also told me that since I have been on the pill so long, i may lose my first baby. I just bought prenatal vitamins today to start taking so hopefully that will help my chances. PLEASE HELP...........


Sweetpea - May 25

Birth control pills will not make you lose your first baby. What stage Endo do you have?


inlove96 - May 25

um, they really did not say a stage. I know it is not something that they noticed too badly. she saw something on the outside of my uterus somewhere that she though looked strange and so she took it out. It came back with endo. So, I was never told. Right after that she put me on continuous BC. I started taking prenatal vitamins today. So, hopefully that helps. I just wish my husband was ready. I have the baby blues SO bad.



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