Bee Pollen
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Maren - October 4

Has any one heard of Bee Pollen boasting fertility. Has anyone had any luck. I bought some bee pollen, and among it's plus's it says that pollen stimulates ovarian function also that it helps in the incubation period. hmmm. is this just hoooey.


Ya - October 5

That sounds interesting.


Mega - October 5

Sounds like it might be worth a try assuming you're not allergic to Bees of course. :) Keep us posted.


Maren - October 5

I'm going to try it. It tastes NASTY but if it helps I'll try. If not it also says it is good for a number of other things. There are a lot of sites that discribe if your interested. I picked some up at the farmer's market.


DL - October 5

How do you take it and how does it work? Would love to know. Thanks.


Dal - October 5

I would stop using it once fall pregnant though. Vitamins A can cause problem to the baby. Really just to be safe. Women who take large doses of vitamin A around the time of conception or early in their pregnancy run a higher than average risk of delivering infants with birth defects. Hope this info helps.



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