BD everyday or everyother day during O
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confused - October 5

BD everyday or everyother day during O... as i am confused with my O .My hubbys Sperm count is tell me frnds what shud i do


Kristi - October 5

I am on clomid so I do not know if it makes a difference or not, but my Dr. told me every other day so that you give the sperm a day to rebuild....and we are to bd over a 10 day period - before, during and after Oing.....Good luck!


lee - October 5

if he has no sperm count problem so you can do it every day and if i ws you i would start right after af is finished ! ps; my doctor said i can try even 3 times a day ! maybe is best to ask your doctor ! good luck


dina - October 5

we were told every other day also like Kristi said to give the sperm 48hours to regenerate and near ovulation if you want to try a 36 hour one to get an extra in than it wont hurt either. some are ok everyday but it puts a lot of pressure on the guys.According to my docs after 3 or 4 days of everyday thou sperm will go way down in count because it cant endlessly go to the high numbers.


my two cents - October 5

It couldn't hurt to do it once a day. Twice a day is not going to help the situation because you already have some in there and it takes a while for your body to let them all in where they need to go. They don't all get in at once (sorry, tmi) That is why you can get pregnant for up to a few days after you have sex. Realistically, sperm stay alive for 48 hrs in the body, so it is good to have a supply in there every day if you sperm count is good. It is especially good if you have barely any cm in there, because without it sperm will die sooner. I would have sex every day if you can around O, but every other day when you are less fertile. Hope that helped and didn't confuse you too much! Good luck!!



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