BCP to induce AF
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L - June 4

Hi! My ob/gyn wantss me to go for an HSG but because of CRAZY cycles (49-89 days long) we can't book it with any certainty. He has now said that if af is not here by cd 28, he'll have me take BCP to induce af. Has anyone heard of this?? How long do you take them for to get things going?


Nica - June 4

Hi, my ob/gyn did this too. I took BCP for 10 days before AF started. (He originally said to take them for 3 weeks but my period came early). It's a normal thing for them to do - dont worry about it. I had a HSG last year so if you want any info about it, just reply.


L - June 5

Thanks Nica! I was a little stressed at the idea because I only came off of BCP in January and I was under the impression that taking the bcp to induse af would just put me back at square 1, more waiting fo it to "get out of my system"!!! Was you HSG painful? I've heard that they can be a little less than comfortable! Thanks Again!!



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