BCP for getting AF regular !???
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KDR - October 12

Hi, My RE suggested trying BCP for a few months get my cycles regular. Anyone have any infor/experience with this? I've had 3 unsucessful clomid cycles and 3 unsucessful iui w/ femara + repronex. THANKS!


JSmith - October 12

KDR - I was on Lupron for 6 months and had a hard time getting AF started. I started Lupron last October and should have gotten AF by May/June latest. Nothing happened so we tried Provera - didn't work. Finally the Dr. put me on BCP's and they worked like a charm. She only wanted me to take them for 2 months and I have AF now, so will wait for next month and see if I can O on my own. Anyway...it did work for me and seemed to be the only thing that did. Hope it works as well for you.


kristie h - October 12

Hi, i am on the BCP for hormone imbalance as my uterine lining was only 2mm thick on CD12 so it was to thin for implantation. I have been on the BCP for 2 months to fix my hormones and last mkonth my lining was 6mm thick and this month on cd 13 of taking the active pill it was 8mm thick, so its doing its job very very well. I have another month to go on the BCP, but if i were you i would defentley give it ago. I was told that being on the pill for such a short time you can fall pregnant very quick, this was said by my gyno, my doctor and ladies that i have spoken to about it. Good luck


JenG - October 12

Hi, how old are you? If you are hitting your 30's I would question this because while you are BCPs, you can't get pregnant. AND, BCPs do not regulate once you off. Your cycles will fall back to there normal rythem or lack there of.


KDR - October 13

Ladies, thank you for your responses. Jen G- I am 28 and have been off the pill for a year and a half. After getting off the pill, I had really LONG cycles. Turns out I wasn't ovulating. When I am on meds to make me ovulate, my cycles are 28-31 days. When I am not on meds, I usually have 37 day cycles. I know I can't get prego on the pill but I figure that nothing has worked for me so far so what would it hurt to see if BCP might regulate my hormones. Otherwise I am going to do IVF.


JenG - October 13

Hi KDR, I don't get the logic. I generally have 34 day cycles (+- 2 days), and any thing under 40 days is considered within normal range. When I went off BCPs to get pregnant, it took nearly a year to get my cycle in some sort of pattern. It was horrible. My RE said that BCP will only regulate while you are on them, but when you go off... all the problems you had before reappear. The fact you are not ovulating says that you would need meds to conceive. I am currently on BCP for 21 days in prep for IVF to calm the system. But that is a short time and its in the protocol for IVF. Why are you not considering that route of IVF? Insurance? I just would hate to see you go on BCPs for several months, just to see you back in the same issues.


KDR - October 13

I am considering IVF. The reason I can't do it right now is because I had a horrible allergic rxn to repronex and/or femara and I am still having hives 2.5 months later! So I don't want to introduce all these other fertility drugs into my system until I am over the immune response. Plus with all this immune stuff that is going on my RE says this would not the optimal time to conceive. My RE says that anything over 35 days is too long of a cycle. Actually my period just started so I just had 34 day cycle. The pill was to see if I could 'regulate my hormones a little bit' before going ahead with the IVF. Yes, insurance is an issue because mine doesn't cover ANY fertility procedures. I see your point though about still having the same problems after the pill. They would put me on a new kind of pill though and I know another who is actually on this pill for the purpose of getting her cycle to iron out a little. :-)



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