BCP for 10 yrs, TTC since may 05
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Sam - June 16

Anyone else with messed up cycles TTC after being on BCP? Is CM and BBT monitoring working/reliable for other couples with respect to predicting ovulation and AF?


Chicks - June 16

Hi Sam! Yep, I've been trying for 9 months with no luck.. I had a supremely messed up cycle before the pill which I have been on for 11 years. I got put on the pill because I bled for 8 months straight! Unfortunately, I have not been tracking CM because it doesn't seem to follow any pattern. I have purchased some OPK's because I didn't have a period for 7 months on my own and the gyno put me back on the pill for the last two months to try and make my cyst go away and so that I could have a period. I have an appointment on Tuesday of next week to find out if the cyst is gone and to find out if everything else is OK. Hubby was tested as well so I will find out about him as well on Tuesday. I will let you know the outcome and keep me up to date on your situation as well. Get tested by the doctor for all of these things though, just to put your mind at ease if you are not having periods. Take care girl and I'll keep you posted as well on how the OPK's are working out..


Sam - June 17

Hi chicks. Thanks for your reply. Sorry it is taking a while to get BFP. My cycles before I went on BCP were regular but had severe AF pain and acne on my back, so went on Diane 35 which is amazing for my skin - you wouldn't even know I had a problem. Anyway, 10 yrs down the line my DH and I want to start a family. I'm 28 and he's 29 so hopefully my eggies and his swimmers haven't all dried up. I am in the medical profession, so you see all the bad stuff and get a warped view of reality (wrt getting pregnant, pregnancy and post-natal complications for mum and baby). I started monitoring my CM and BBT about 2 weeks ago and they've been up and down so prob haven't ovulated. I'm going to try using both as a more accurate indicator of when I ovulate rather than use either alone. I think I'll force myself to wait until I've actually been TTC for longer than a split second before I race off to the GP for some progesterone to bring on my AF or some clomid to make me pop out a few eggies. Am just type A, neurotic. Hey, sorry about cyst. Must really suck having to go back on BCP. I think cysts are quite common and that if you did a random USS of women's bellys that many of them would have them. I am starting my obstetrics and gynae attachment on Monday week for 6 weeks so maybe can get some proper cyst opinions?



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