BC Pills
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Sara - January 16

Hi Ladies, I'm currently waiting for my period to start (on CD28) so I can begin to take my bc pills I need to regulate my hormone levels before dh and I attempt IUI. My question is if I don't start my period this week (I'm pretty irregular), do you think It's ok to start the pills this Sunday? I will of coarse first take a preg test to confirm that I'm not preg. I guess I'm impatient, b/c we are so close to IUI, but it's always been some kind of delay after delay. It's been 3 1/2 yrs since we started TTC. Any info or opinions would be great. Thanks, Sara


thayward7 - January 16

I'd call your doctor, but I wouldn't think it's a good idea. I think you need to shed your lining - otherwise, you can get abnormal growths in the uterine lining. But, call your OB or RE to see. I can relate to the delays though! It's such a roller coaster! Smiles and Babydust to you!.... T


Sara - January 16

Hi thayward, thanks for your response. I figured it prob wasn't a good idea. If it doesn't start soon, I will call the clinic and get them to prescribe prometrium, to start my period, which they have done in the past.



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