BBT up and down
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chrysti - December 5

my temps have been up for 11 days. i'm nervous because they have gone from 98.4 to 98 to 98.4 to 98. my coverline is 97.4 can i remain hopeful?


Christina - December 5

Chrysti, how do you calculate your coverline? I am trying to figure out exactly how BBT works. I know in the beginning of my cycle my BBT was in the low 97's & for the last week it has been in the low 98's. Can you please help? Thanks


KellyN - December 5

My temps fluctuate quite a bit. I think as long as it is above your coverline, you areA-OK! Christina, the coverline is 0.1 degree above the highest temperature you take from 4 days after af through o. After you o, your temps should go up above those temps.


Christina - December 5

Thanks Kelly! So before O my temps range from 97.1 to 97.4. For the past week, my temps have been in the low 98's. Is this a good sign that I might be pregnant, or do I need to wait 18 days to make sure that my temp doesn't drop? & when it does drop, how low can it go before it means that I definitely am not pg.? Thanks!


isa - December 6

from on coverlines
Drawing a coverline is a very important step in charting. It is drawn to help you distinguish when your have ovulated (showing a temperature shift or surge) and helps you monitor your temperatures after ovulation during your luteal phase. This page will explain how and when to draw your coverline on your fertility spreadsheet and provides a link at the bottom of this page where a sample has been drawn.

When To Draw Coverline
When your waking body temperature rises more than 2/10's of a degree higher than the previous six days you will draw your coverline. This normally occurs during your thermal shift the day after ovulation.

How Much is 2/10's?
Two-tenths of a degree is also the amount of degree used in logging your temps on your spreadsheet. It is calculated after the decimal point in a three digit temp. A jump for 97.5 to 97.7 (.5 to .7) is a rise that is 2/10's of a degree higher.

Drawing Your Coverline
When you have identified a temperature that is at least 2/10's of a degree higher than the previous 6 days - highlight those previous 6 days. Locate the highest of the highlighted temperatures. Draw a continuous line that is 1/10's of a degree higher than that of the highest of the highlighted temperatures. The line should run all the way across your chart.


KellyN - December 6

Hi Christina! Sounds like you ovulated. Your coverline should be about 97.5. This happens every month, so its not a sign of being pg, but if your temps stay high for 18 days, you may be pg. I use Fertility Friend at . This web site has a free service and charts your coverline for you. Once you sign up, it will give you directions to input all of your data and your temps. Then it will show you a chart with all your data on it, and (if its after o) will show you the proper location of your coverline. Its really easy to use!



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