BBT temps night vs. day....
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MuzikGurl - February 19

Ok, I have a quick question or come my BBT is higher at night then when I wake up and how much of a point difference could the temps be off if I sleep with my mouth open??? I was wondering is it possible that BBT temps are more accorate at night then when you wake up? Do you have to have at least 3 hours of sleep? Does sleeping with an electric blanket make any differences either??? thanks for any answers.


bump - February 19



Val - February 19

If you are charting for fertility, you should only use the morning bbt temps. BBT can be affect by a lot of things (including whether your mouth is open when you sleep, how hot it is in the room, whether you drank alcohol the night before, if you are done any sort of physical actility, etc, etc.) so any one temperature doesn't mean very much - it's more a pattern that you are looking for. Also, it's best to do it at the same time every morning so the conditions are the same for the temperature - otherwise the data is not consistent. I chart on Fertility Friend and they have a great q&a section... I'd definitely recommend it. Good luck to you.



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