BBT question and clomid
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Jamie - August 5

I took clomid CD 5-9 for first time. Today is CD 16. Two days ago my temp was 97.5 (which is where is has been hanging out give or take .2 degrees). Yesterday it dropped to 96.8. Today it went up to 97.0. I read somewhere that a drop in temperature midcycle could indicate ovulation. My CM has been more than usual, a little stretchy. I have done those OPK stick tests but I don't think they are that accurate (hard to read). So far they have been neg. Any ideas?? Could I have ovulated?


KellyN - August 5

It doesn't sound like you ovulated to me. My temp usually goes up when I ovulate by about .5 degrees, not down. Some people get a dip right before they ovulate, so hopefully you are about to. Also, this was my first month taking clomid too. I noticed that I only had ewcm the day before ov. All other days was not much of anything for cm. -kelly



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