BBT, ovulation and clomid
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Katy - September 28

I have been tracking my bbt since day one of my cycle and i have been taking clomid 5-9. I am on day 8 today and have noticed that my bbt is starting to increase. Yesterday was like 97.27 and today it was 97.57. Is this an indication that i am ovulating before finishing clomid or that i am getting ready to ovulate? I was told that my fertile days would be days 13-16. I have had irregular cycles since going off bc. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you and thank everyone who has answered my previous questions.


star - September 28

The rise in temperature signifies that ovulation has already occurred. The temperatures before ovulation will go up and down in low range, and the temperatures after ovulation will go up and down in high range


Paula - September 28

Don't worry Katy, you will not ovulate until you have complete the last pill and you can expect ouvlation to occur 5-9 days after the last dose. With Clomid you temps go up because of the pill, but once you have completed the pill your temps will go down again to the pre-ov level and then you will have a temp increase when ovulation actually occurs. I hope that this helps.


miranda - September 28

yeah, my dr told me its almost pointless to bbt while on clomid because your temps go up and can expect to ovulate 5-10 days after your last pill, not while you are still taking them...dont worry...good luck!



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