bbt not sustained over coverline post ovulation
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pmblake - December 31

I'm hoping someone out here has had this issue and can give me some advice! I think my coverline bbt this month was around 97.7. Anyway, I had a positive OPK one afternoon, I had the dip 2 days later to 97.2 and 2 days later a rise to 98. Then I dipped again for about 5 days and then my bbt rose nicely into the 98.1-98.4 range and has been there for about 11 days now. My concern is that 3 of those elevated 11 days my bbt dropped to my coverline of 97.7, 1 day below my coverline at 97.6 and one of those days it dropped below my coverline to 97.4 Sorry if it's confusing! but i'm concerned about the erratic post o temps. My temps all day long are easily 98.5-99 so I feel pretty good that I did ovulate but the wacky morning temps are confusing. Any advice or comments??


tk07 - December 31

hello! that is what my temps were doing. and you for sure got a +opk? because my Dr told me that i was probably not O until later than i thought when they did that. if they drop for like a day and then stay up that is normal but several days in a row i don't think is. how long have you been temping for?


pmblake - December 31

Hi tk! Well I'm pretty sure that my OPK was positive. My DH and I both saw it and agreed and then w/ the drop and the rise in temps we were pretty sure that I did O. This is my first month after a m/c so I haven't gone to have my levels checked or anything. I'm supposed to be "sitting out" this cycle. I'm just pretty excited at the thought of having O'ed on my own. I usually take meds of some sort to ovulate. And my temps have never been down for days in a row. Just a random day here and there. Thanks for the info from your doctor! That's what I needed to hear. A day here and there is okay - just not in a row. So that means that what I'm doing could be/should be normal. I typically take progesterone after O to keep things moving along, but this month I'm just supposed to be laying low so this is all au naturale. OH and I've only been temping for 2 months. It's fascinating to me what our bodies can tell us. I've been ttc #3 for 2 1/2 years. I've had 4 m/c but I'm 39 so this is the risk we take. How about you? How long have you been ttc and temping? Does it work for you? I'm getting mixed info about how accurate it is.


tk07 - January 1

Hi! i have been ttc for about a year and i had a m/c in april. my cycles got really erratic after the m/c and so they put me on clomid because i did not ovulate a couple months. i have 10 cycles of temping, it can get annoying after a while! but my Dr wants me to do it still.
that must have been so hard to have 4 m/c, i am so sorry. i know how hard it was with one. i am pretty young so i am hoping to have a healthy baby when i do get pregnant. so far there is no reason found for me not to, so that is good! but the bad thoughts always creep in.
but i wouldn't worry about this month at all with your temps, especially since the m/c was so recent.
good luck to you!!!!!!!!!



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