BBT confusion, can someone help?
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Carrie M - August 5

Ladies, am very confused about my chart. This is my first time charting. Do temps usually rise above cover line after ovulation and stay up until a day before AF?? If so, i may not have ovulated at all this month! :( my temps went up then down again (below coverline after assumed ovulation day) and now have been above cover line (my cl for 4 days)... any ideas of what this could mean? I am very frustrated and hope someone can help.


nans - August 5

a rise in temp is a sign that O had occurred, it will stay up to the coverline until AF is about to come. Usually 2-3 days before AF it will go down then AF will show up and your temp will go back to the normal range.But if you are pg it will really have to stay up the coverline for at least 18 dpo....then you can take hpt to confirm. It should stay up if you are pg.


Carrie M - August 5

Nans, thank you
but what if my temps drop after ovulation and go back up 3 days before expected period? this is what is happening to me now and no AF yet (3 days late)...


To Carrie - August 5

Do you chart online? Would you post your chart? Here's what mine looks like: -----

Most of us will have a temp drop the day AF is due. But some of us can have temps that stay up even when AF comes (this months chart for me is a good example of that). If your temps are very erratic, you may be havning an anovulatory cycle (meaning you didn't ovulate). But temps can change drastically throughout the cycle even when you have ovulated. What you describe sounds like a classic fallback rise. ----
this one is for an explanation on a variety of patterns. ------
-----and this one will show you a bunch of charts with a fallback rise pattern.



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