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kelley32 - March 16

Hi Ladies!!! I've been TTC my 2nd child for 7 months now, and since the old fashioned way doesn't seem to be working out too well (did conceive in Dec, then had an early miscarriage in Jan) I have decided to step things up a bit. I started charting 3 days ago, so my question is, do you think that I should also use an OPK? Or is the charting and monitoring CM sufficient? I don't have it in me to feel the positioning of my cervix, so I decided against that method. Also, the first 2 days had a temp of 97.4, then this morning it was 97, isn't that a bit low, and last night just wanted to test the thermometer and my temp was 96.5. Has anyone else ever had temps that low?


Lilu - March 16

My temps are usually in the 97s b4 I O so it's okay. Son't take your temp at night b/c it will only confuse you. You have to sleep for at least 3 hours before taking your temp to chart and take it around the same time every morning. B4 I ovulate my temp is around 97.6ish but it varies lower and higher from day to day then after I O, it goes it to 98.5ish. Yeah... I just can't get into the CM method or keeping my cervix. They make it should so easy?? I'm sure it is for some people but no me. I use the temps with the opks. Like I just got my +opk sat & sun. But my temp hasn't gone up yet. Going by the opks I should've o'ed by tuesday.. right?? SOOO... we plan to bd tonight just in case since my temp hasn't gone up. So this is a helpway to ensure that you don't miss anything I think. That thermal shift is the only indictor that you o'ed. I just don't feel safe completely relying on those opks. Hope this helps. Are you using to chart your temps... it's great!


kelley32 - March 16

Yeah, I have been taking my temp in the morning, only did that one night to test the thermometer. Aren't you supposed to start bd'ing as soon as you have a +opk? I thought that once your temp goes up, it's already too late, that you've already ovulated. I printes a copy of a chart, but don't remember from where, it's the general one that I've seen all over. I think that for now I'm going to rely on the charting as well as checking CM. It's quite frustrating to be going through all this considering my daughter was conceived without even trying.


SashaP - March 16

Thats not too low my dips down to the 95's range sometimes. I have to make charts for myself since there aren't any that go that low. I would still take opk's too my Dr dosen't like bbt b/c everybody is so different and have different patterns. I still do it though it puts me at ease. Good luck. Baby dust..........


Nikki - March 17

I thought BBT was supposed to be a reliable method? I have been very upset lately, since most of my cycles have been about 29 days. I started charting this cycle and I am now on cd 19 without having ovulated at all.
It isn't completely unexpected, since I haven't gotten pregnant yet, it would make sense if there was a problem of that kind. I just don't know what to do, everything seems fine, I'm just not seeing that rise that you're all talking about.
Kelley, I actually did the same, to test my thermometer (looking for alternative explanation for not O'ing) and I also had 96.? My average temp is 97.4, like yours, and I've gone as low as 97.0 and as high as 97.7 - without O'ing. So I'd say your temps sound just fine.


pinky - March 17

Hi Ladies! Please visit this link. I am sure you will get lots of answers....


pinky - March 17

Hi Ladies! Please visit this link. I am sure you will get lots of answers....


Meighen N. - March 17

Found this online:

Always take your temperature before getting out of bed each morning.
If you use a glass thermometer shake it down the night before.
Make sure to always take your temperature the same time each morning.
Keep your thermometer next to your bed.
Make sure to use the same thermometer each month if for some reason you change thermometers note it on your chart.
Keep a spare thermometer if the one you are using breaks or quits running.
Temperatures can be taken different ways orally, vaginally, or rectally but always do it the same way.( I prefer vaginally it seems to be more acurate for me).
Record your temperature as soon as you take it and write it down on a chart or online for ex.( FERTILITY FRIEND).
If you have to use a heating pad or electric blanket use it through the cycle.
Always remember to take your tempature before getting out of bed if you forget take it as soon as possible because your tempature will change.
If you have a fever.
If you drink alcohol the previous night.
Taking BBT with less than 3 hours of consecutive sleep.
If you take BBT at a different time.
If you use a new thermometer in the same cycle.
If you use a heating pad or electric blanket.


kelley32 - March 17

Nikki ... do you get EWCM at any time during your cycle, I'm just wondering, is having EWCM a SURE sign of ovulation? Can you have EWCM and not ovulate? Does anyone know?


June - March 17

Hi Kelley32....Honestly , I am 4 weeks pregnant and I did NOT have EWCM....some women have it in their cervix and never are able to see it or feel it. I had a little wet CM but it was never sticky, stretchable like typical EW. So i clearly did ovulate and never saw it. To me personaly it means absolutely nothing .


Pinky - March 17

I found it on my every cycle. Initially I was confused wether this is EW or not? But now I know that it is EW mucus. Basically you will see it before ovulation. It's not fix time but it means you are close to ovulation may be 1-day, 2 day or will see one Jellow kind of globe in your mucus which may look like string when you try to strech between fingers. But other than that rest of your mucus (Water type) would not be strechable as u expecting from the reading. Only that jellow stuff is strechable from my understanding.


kelley32 - March 17

I always have the EWCM right in the middle of my cycle, sometimes it`s so much that I need a panty liner, so we always bd alot leading up to it, during it and for good measure, a for the few days afterwards, so if I`m having EWCM, I must be ovulating, right? I have to say that I am really looking forward to seeing the correlation between EWCM and rising temp!!


kelley32 - March 17

BTW, June CONGRATS!!!!!!



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