BBT Charting... I'm confused!
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carrot top - January 22

Please help me! This is my first month trying to chart my temperatures. Today, (CD 21) I had a huge jump in my temp. I have been 36.0-36.4 (that’s in Celsius) all month, with it jumping to 36.5 on the day I thought I ovulated (going by CM). Now today it was 36.9! Doesn't that seem like it would mean I ovulated today? I have no CM though? I was feeling a little crampy yesterday and a little queasy last night. Anyway, I have no idea how to interpret these signs. Can someone please help! Thanks!


chandellina - January 22

hi, according to fertility friend, the day of ovulation can be determined after three days of rising temps above your pre-ovulation levels. it sounds to me like you either o'd on the day it was 36.5 or possibly the day before. 36.9 sounds like you are now in the luteal phase. i personally usually get a little dip on the day i ovulate - for example this month i was steady at 36.3-4 and then fell to 36.2 and jumped to 36.9 the next day. i usually track cm too but that can be difficult when bd'ing all the time, etc. best wishes ... try if you want to find out more on charting.



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