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sara - September 20

Can I ask those of you who chart your BBT if your temp drops back to 'normal' after ov high that it is impossible to be pregnant. I have been trying TTC for 2 years and have been charting my BBT for the past 3 months. I have read that you can tell if you are preg by your BBT remaining high after OV, if so then it is possible to tell a few days after OV and that 2 week wait is no longer, Sorry if cinfusing but I cannot find clarification on this


me - September 20

I will try...The only way to confirm ovulation is if there is a sustained elevated temp until your period is due. The temps must stay up consistently until AF is supposed to come. If the temps stay up PAST the 2 week waiting period (when your period is due), I would test because you could possibly be pregnant. However, if your temps go back down to the way they were before you supposedly ovulated (your normal basal body temp), then you will be most likely getting AF soon. In other words, just because your temps are elevated after your ovulate doesn't mean you are pregnant. They have to be elevated even after your period was due, but never showed. Hope I didn't confuse you too much. Good luck.


sara - September 20

No, you made it clear, thanks and good luck 2 u.


Jamie - September 20

Generally the rule of thumb is if you temps stay high for 18 days following ovulation, then you are probably pregnant. There is a great book, Taking Charge of Your Fertility, that gives you so much info. into charting. I highly recommend this book!! You can learn so much about charting and your body. Good luck!



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