BBT and Ovulation...
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MuzikGurl - January 20

I have what may seem like a dumb question to most of you but, I'm just curious does ur BBT have to drop or rise in order for ovulation to occur? I mean, my ob/gyn says he thinks I ovulated but, not sure and I should be ovulating now or within this week but, my temps don't say so..they have been the same for the past 4 days...could it be possible for me to ovulate without noticable change in my BBT chart? just curious..thanks!


Lovie - January 20

your BBT rises slightly. But you must take it every morn at same time before you get out of bed. You can get lots og info if you do a BBT search on the net.


GG - January 20

Once you notice a rise in your temps that means that you have already ovulated. Your temps stay low until after O. You cannot predict O by temping.


MuzikGurl - January 20

thanks Lovie. GG, U contradict yourself...are you trying to say once u noticed the change in ur temps it's already too late...ovulation is already done. I thought ur egg can stay good for almost up to 48 hrs. after u see ovulation. So, if my temp rises for example today but I don't really realize it until tomorrow morning after I temp. Then it could still be ok to try to BD that morning just in case cause it was only 24 hours. But I guess it depends if everything is right inside. Because I also read that ur egg could only be good for 12 hours, so, it really depends on the woman and even then you don't know.


GG - January 21

I have been told by my dr. that the egg is only viable for 12-24 hours. Since you only temp in the morning, you could have O the afternoon before and by the time you temp and bd it will be too late. The best thing to do is to bd the days leading up to O in order to have the sperm there waiting for the egg to release.



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