bbt and clomid
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Katie - February 28

Did anyone on clomid track their bbt at the same time? If so, were your waking temps before ovulation about the same on clomid as they were before you went on clomid? Did your bbt indicate ovulation? My dr told me not to bother with the bbt since it adds to the stress, but I was thinking about still taking it.


michelle - March 1

i wouldn'tbother with bbt its old fashioned i done it fora year and i never see a pattern,try ovulation tests!


Sam - August 23

I tracked my BBT for the first time this month while taking Clomid on days 3-7. My BBT was about the same before and after ovulation. I was only able to tell that I ovulated after a sudden temperature dip around day 12. I did read somewhere that Clomid raises BBT which is probably why my temperatures remained steady for most of my cycle. Has anyone else heard this?


D. - August 23

BBT is one of the best ways to find out whether or not you have issues with your cycles. Clomid does raise your temps for a bit but will not change the overall pattern. If you are Ovulating, your BBT will show that. If your BBT does NOT show ovulation over a couple of cycles, you have a problem. And it will also help you make sure your LP is the correct length. Please buy the book "Taking Charge of Your Fertility". This is the absolute "bible" on BBT and will tell you more about your body than you can ever hope to know. Some ladies do get stressed tracking their temps but many of us have no issues. I get more stressed not doing it because I want to make sure that I am on track. I"ve been doing it for 4 years. Without doing my BBT I would never have known when I ovulated as early as CD10 (I usually O on CD14) and I would never have myself covered. And if it weren't for my BBT I would never have known when I O'd on CD17 (I would have assumed I had O"d on CD14 like before and missed my chance). If you have PCOS (unmedicated), are breasfeeding, or are having an anovulatory cycle, then the BBT won't do you much good. But since you are on Clomid, it can tell you whether or not it was a successful clomid cycle. Good Luck!


KellyN - August 23

This is my second month taking clomid, and my 4th month temping. I have noticed that my morning/waking temps increase by about 0.5 degrees while on the clomid. I chart it all on Ferntility Friend, and I have to tell the program to ignore my temps during those days. BTW, I love temping!!! It is a great way to make sure of where you are in your cycle. And those months when I still kind of 'feel' like I might be pg, even after my period, temping puts my mind at ease that I am not pg because my temps are down. Its really nice to know that since some women get their period when they are pg. -kelly


Jamie - August 23

Charting is the best thing! Before any other intervention my doctor made me chart which helped me to see that I never ovulate. Now I am in my first month of clomid and still charting. My chart looks great (not all over the place like before). If I wasn't charting right now I might mistake this spotting I have for a period but my temps are too high to be a period. I really recommend charting - it has saved me so much money on unneeded preg. tests. Like D. said the "taking charge of your fertility" was the best money I ever spent. You can get it for pretty cheap on Good luck!


me - August 29

As D had said, temping is a great way to see where you are. For those of you that feel it is a waste of time because you don't find any pattern, that can be a sign of anovulation (not ovulating). Why waste money on OPKs that won't show you anything if you are not ovulating? It is a waste of money. As for being stressful, I find it to give me peace of mind. It is the only way to confirm ovulation took place. Even on Clomid, your temps should stay up past your BBT until your period. If they go back to your BBT, you probably did not ovulate. Good luck!


Gina - August 30

i have pcos and when i start clomid in a few weeks my doc advised me to start my bbt the day i start my period. I had done bbt in the past and it helps. some women also use ovulations kits that u can get at wal-mart or local pharmacy ( u can buy online too). I chart on paper and i joined as well. they have online charts for everything.



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