BBT after Ovulation
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Deb - November 15

This is my first time charting my BBT. I ovulated on the 13th and my temp did rise. My question is this... will your temp stay at the higher temp until your period is due or will it start to go back down to normal? I read that if your temp stays at the higher end that you have that true? Any ideas about BBT would help..we have been ttc conceive for one year....


Mega - November 15

Hi Deb, when I was charting, I noticed that my temps would consistantly stay high up until 2 days before AF came, only then would it drop a couple tenths of a degree. Now, I've heard (but unfortunately don't have 1st hand knowledge) if your temps stay elevated 18 DPO & beyond there's a very good chance you're pregnant. Some pregnancy charts go what is called triphasic, or another temp shift beyond the regular ov temp shift. However, not all triphasic charts are pregnancy charts & some pregnancy charts don't go triphasic. Confusing, isn't it?! But good luck. I still think charting can be a valuable tool. HTH!


dea - November 15

ditto to what Mega wrote. also- I have seen where a woman can have a slight dip in her chart on implantation day. for me- i can confirm that my temp dips a few degress before and then bottoms out on the day AF arrives. she is announced like a neon sign.


Sara - November 15

Deb try going to It gives you all the info you need about ttcing and charting.Good luck and baby dust!!!



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