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Tinker_eyes - April 28

I think I may have trouble concieving, although I haven't seen a Dr about it, it's just a gut feeling.

I want to try taking my BBT in the mornings. I was wondering if anyone has any advice about how to do this. I don't know where to get a BBT thermomator from, is a regular fever therm. okay to use?

Any advice would be good.


MelissaV - April 28

I got my bbt thermometer at Walgreens. It was next to all the other thermometers. Just print out a bbt chart off of a website-I usually get mine from Make sure you take your temperature close to the same time every morning. I keep my thermometer on top of my alarm clock, so I don't forget. On the weekends I usually wake up at the same time I do during the week without my alarm, take my temp, then fall back to sleep. My thermometer has a memory, so when I wake up I can see what my temp was. Also check out You can enter your temps & other info into their chart online for free. There is a lot of info about bbt charting there as well. Oh, and remember the chart only shows when you've ovulated after the fact, so it may take a few months to understand how your body cycles. Good luck!


Tinker_eyes - April 28

Thanks so much! :) I don't have a car and I live right by wal-greens! Yay! I can walk there to start my .. journey!

Tinker :)



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