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Learning - October 16

Has anyone Ovulated as early as day 11 of their cycle? I use FF and it shows that I'm prob fertile since my CM is there. Also, what do you count as the first day of a true cycle? I spotted two days with brown CM before I started to have a full "flow". Should I include these days as AF days on my chart? Any help from charters is appreciated!!!


Ericka - October 16

Hello. I have never O early, I'm usually a late O, but I start getting ewcm about 4 days before I O, so it could mean that your body is getting ready to O. Make sure that you are bd'ing until after your temps rise. As for charting your first day of a cycle, you should count day one as the first day of red blood. The brown spotting should be considered part of your last cycle. Hope this helps. Good Luck.


isa - October 17

Hi Learning, I had ff tell me i ovulated on day 11 and an ultrasound that day and bloodwork and i did not ovulate. I triggered that night and ovulated 2 days later so dont take it for exact science. I also have ovulated on day 11 on some months. I was taught that day 1 of your cycle is full bleeding not spotting. Full flow before 2pm is that days day 1, if its after 2pm then day 1 is counted the next day. Hope I helped, i've been charting about 10 or 11 months now but only on ff for 1 month - i may try it one more but i prefer my sheets that i do myself so far.



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