Basel Temperature Readings Vary alot
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Fouzia - June 19


I have been taking my basel temperature reading everyday at 9 in the morning. I take it as soon as I wake up ( before I get up or do anything else ) . But the results are very different in last four to five days. They were as follows:

Cycle Day 7 : 36.41
Cycle Day 8 : 36.35
Cycle Day 9: 36:22

Is it normal ?
I thought they had to consistent or stay very close to eachother.
If the temperature is going up and down with such incosistent way , how would I day the day of Ovulation ?

I will appreciate any help in this matter.



Nancy - June 19

That is's like having 36.4, 36.3 and when you you chart it you can see a pattern that is droping down and finally when ovulation occured you will noticed a big rise in the temp like it will be 37 or've been charting your temp for how many months? you can see a pattern if you've been charting for like 3 or 4 months now.



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