basal thermometer charting
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valerie - June 1

Okay,I'm really new at this basal thermometer charting. I just printed off a chart on the internet to keep track of my temps.But it also has a box for your cm and cp.Now I understand about the cm. But how in the world can you tell what position your cervix is in, or if it's hard or soft? Anyone?


Drew - June 1

From what I have read, your cervix can be high, middle or low in your vagina, and hard or soft, depending on where in your cycle it is. So for example it can be high and hard to reach. And when its hard, it feels like the tip of your nose, when its soft, it feels like your bottom lip. I think its where I read about this. Hope this helps!


Milissa - June 1

When it is high it is three nuckle's deep and when its low you will feel it right away! when it is hard it will feel like the tip of your nose and when it is soft it will feel like you bottom lip. Hope this has helped. :)


stacey - June 1

Hope this helps a bit- I got it from check out the site- it's great for info and tracking temps!!
Early in your cycle, during and just after menstruation and prior to peak fertility when your estrogen level is low, your cervix is low, hard, firm and closed and easy to feel with your fingers. Your cervix lifts and straightens and becomes softer, higher and more open as your fertility (and the presence of estrogen) increases. These cervical changes make the cervix more receptive to sperm and allow them to enter and travel into the fallopian tubes where an egg may be fertilized. After ovulation, your cervix again becomes more closed and firm and lower. Though this fertility sign is considered optional, checking your cervical position can provide useful information about your state of fertility. The changes in the cervix can be used to double-check observations made through checking BBT and cervical fluid.


Melissa - June 2

Hi Valerie. I found a VERY helpful site .... It explained about your temps, cervix position, and even your cm. Check it out, hope it helps. :-)


valerie - June 2

Thank you everyone for your responses. I'll check those web-sites.



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