Basal temperature concerns
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Jamie - May 4

My husband and I have been trying to conceive since August. The lastest thing my doctor wants my to do is chart my basal temp. to see if I am ovulating. I am on day 37 of charting. My temperature started to rise on Monday and now it is back down again. It has been all over the place for the past 37 days. My cm today and the day before is stretchy like it should be for ovulation but temps are not up. Any insight? I am beginning to think that I don't ovulate. What do they do for you if you don't? Is there hope that I might be and I just have long cycles? I am going back to the doctor in June. I just cannot believe the frustration of trying to get pregnant....


Carrie - May 4

Hi Jamie - I've been doing the BBT charts for almost 9 months now. It has really helped me to see how my cycle works and when I am ovulating and when I am not. From what I've read, the stretchy cm should be present a couple days prior to and/or at the day of ovulation. My temperature doesn't spike until a day or two after I've ovulated. If you aren't ovulating, they will do tests to find out why. They'd probably do an ultrasound to check out cervix, ovaries & uterus, bloodwork to check out your hormone levels, and an hsg x-ray to see if your tubes are blocked. If there is no "smoking gun" as to the problem, they might start you on clomid to get you ovulating. Every case can be different depending on the circumstances so I can't say for sure. It IS truly very frustrating trying to get pregnant. It seems unfair that young teenagers who aren't trying and don't want to be, get pregnant "accidentally" but we who are trying have such a hard time! Hang in there!


Jamie - May 4

Thanks Carrie! Everyone around me is pregnant - and it just doesn't seem fair. I did have an ultrasound in October and everything looked fine.... I am hoping that maybe I will ovulate here in the next day or two. Since I started charting I have saved on HPT tests which is a good thing!! I just feel like crying sometimes....


Carrie - May 4

I would say "don't cry" but I have my share of crying spells. I have three family members & one close friend who are all pregnant - it really stinks that I can't join them. Just keep charting - it really does give a good indication of what is going on and its not as hard to do as some people make it out to be. Best of luck to you - I hope everything works out for you soon Jamie!


Allison - May 5

I found out I wasn't ovulating as well. It was really hard to take to hear that. I started taking Clomid, and got pregnant my second month on the medicine!


Jamie - May 5

Carrie - thanks for the encouragement. I have 5 people in my life right now who are pregant. Allison - you give me hope that one day I could be pregnant!! It is so nice to know that there are people like you guys out there who are in the same boat as I am - thanks!


Jen - May 5

Carrie, How do you know that you were ovulating a day or 2 before your temp rose? Everything I have read has said it is the day before the temp rise regardless of other factors. Is this wrong?


Carrie - May 5

Jen - I'm one of those that feels ovulation as it occurs. Not everyone feels it but I always have - my mom and sisters are the same way. So I go by when I feel it and then watch the temps. Like you, I've read that it occurs the day before your temp rises and I think that is generally the case. But for me, it is sometimes not that way. That's why the BBT chart can be so helpful because you can look back at your previous charts and somewhat predict when ovulation will occur. Hope that helps. :)


Jamie - May 5

Hi girls - today my temp was low again. What is going on?? I have a lot of cm too - which doesn't make any sense. I have been thinking about this charting business and you know it says you need to have a least three hours of sleep prior to taking your temp. I always wake up in the middle of the night. Sometimes I won't have three hours before I will have to get up again, but I go right back to sleep and take my temp. when the alarm goes off. Should I try taking it in the middle of the night? I am just afraid that I won't be able to fall back asleep as easily if I have to bother with it. Could this be throwing my temps off? Sometimes when I get up I haven't been asleep three hours and if I go back to sleep it won't be three hours then either - what do I do in this case??


Heather - May 6

Jamie ~ I wake up every night about 2-3 hours before it's time to get up. The dogs always want out at about 3:30am grrrrr. Anyhow... I still chart my temps. It doesn't make a difference with mine. I know some people think that it totally changes but mine doesn't. I found out I was not ovulating either & my dr put me on the clomid. I got pg the first month on it but m/c'd. I'm now on my second round ttc again. I would totally ask your dr about the clomid. Once you do O your temp will stay up through your entire luteal phase so... If it is all over the board chances are you haven't o'd. Have you thought of opk's?? Good luck! *~*~*~*~*~*~


Jamie - May 7

Heather - I really think that I am not ovulating. Before I started charting I would go months without a period and even when I did get it - it wasn't normal. I was on b-control pills for about 8 years and went of them 9 months ago when we starting trying. Since then my periods haven't been normal at all. I really think I am going to have to go the clomid route. I go back to the doctor at the end of June to go over my charts I have been doing and to see what our next step is. I am sorry to hear about your mc. I am sure that things will work out for you. It is so nice to talk to people like you who are going through the same thing. How long have you been ttc?


Heather - May 7

Jamie ~ I was on bcp for 8 years as well. After getting off of it in August 2003 I would have af 3-4 months apart. Once I had 3 periods in a spand of 7 weeks! I have always had short af's so... Irregular is my middle name :) I hate to see other women on here with the same troubles but at the same time I find a lot of peace in it too knowing I'm not alone. DH his very supportive but lets face it... They are guys and just don't understand. Keep me posted! *~*~*~*~*~* :)


stacey - May 8

Hi girls' hope you don't mind if I jump in here. I am getting frustrated with my lack of ovulation as well. Let me give you quick history:off of bc in late Oct, pregnant in Dec., m/c in end of Jan. Now ttc again, and my cycles are sooo long (36-40 days). I am only in my 3 rd cycle since m/c, but am on cd 25 and my temps are so spuratic. No O yet. I also went out and bought the Clear Blue Ovulation Monitor this month. it has said high for the past 10 days, but will say it until I do O(peak) or get my af. I have been so sad thinking it's not going to happen this month. Oh, as far as bbt- I think I also ovulate a few days before my temp rises. I have a dip (for the past 2 charts anyway) a few days before therise in temp. However, puts my o day as the day before rise- but I'm not sure yet :)


Jamie - May 10

Well ladies today is day 43 of charting and my temp's are still all over. It has spiked twice but then went immediately down the next day. I really believe I am not ovulating. The last two days I haven't been feeling right and would think I might be preg. if I wasn't charting my temp. Maybe I am going to ovulate soon.... who knows! I wish my doctors appt. was sooner that it is.


stacey - May 10

jamie it's funny that you said that b/c was just saying that this afternoon I had wanted to test b/c have some cramps on lower belly, have been congested (probably a cold), but since i know I haven't ovulated yet I know it can't be. Oh, the kicker is that after I wrote that about the Monitor saying high, it went to low and now it won't let me test until I do get my period. What a waste of money!! OH< JAMIE- if you don't ovulate, I think they give you Clomid-I think that's the right spelling.


Stacey - May 12

I know - every time my temp starts to rise and I think -hey here we go! - it goes right back down. I have been charting this same cycle for so long now I am on page 2 - ran out of room on the first page! Day number 45 and no consistent temp. rise... Talk about frustration. I just wish something would happen. Stacey do you have any children??


Jamie - May 12

Sorry -That last message from Stacey I wrote - I put her name in there by mistake. Stacey - That message I wrote is for you! Sorry!!



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