Basal body charting questions please help
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Isa - April 19

I do my charting with basal body temperatures. My regular morning temp when i have my period is between 96.6 and 96.9 Farenheit. This to me seems low. It then goes up to about 97.1 and after ovulation it ranges up and down between 97.6 and 98.2. My coverline is about 97.4. Are these ok to be able to conceive? HELP anyone who can is this normal temps or are they too low ?


Heather - April 19

Isa - My coverline was 97.3... My temp bounces around and around a lot. After ovulation I was up at 98.2 and did in fact conceive my first month on clomid at that temp. You're ok. Don't worry... Good luck!! *~*~*~*~


Milissa - April 20

My temps are all over too sometimes, so I guess if they are really rocky" then talk to a doctor..


Isa - April 20

thanx Heather and Milissa I'll keep fingers crossed. They just seemed low to me but since u were able to conceive i feel better. Congrats!!


Heather - April 20

Isa - Shortly after conceiving I bought an ear thomometer & it registers higher but fluctuates if you take your temp several times. After asking around a lot of people prefer the oral (under the tounge) one. As for the pg... I am on clomid again as I had a m/c. Good luck to you!!! *~*~*~*~*~*~


Isa - April 20

Hi Heather, sorry about the m/c. I really don't understand what clomid is. What does it do? Could it help me?



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