BAD Pain during Ovulation!!!!
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KellyN - August 1

Hi all! I'm hoping someone else out there has experienced this. This is my first month taking clomid. I took it cds 5-9. I am also taking Avandia for my recently diagnosed pcos. Last Wednesday I went in for an ultrasound, and had 5 huge follicles in one ovary and 2 small follicles in the other, so i was responding VERY well to my meds. They gave me a shot that day to help me ov. I ov'd on Friday morning and it was the most painful thing I have experienced! Way worse than any bad af I had gotten. Has this happened to anyone else?? Is this due to medication or something else?? -kelly


Ann - August 1

Hi Kelly, I was on my first round of clomid last month and ovulation was very painful for me. I did not have an ultrasound, so I don't know how many follicles I had. But this month I have only little twinges and I know I have only one follicle ready. So I am guessing that last month I had more than one and that is why it was so painful. Good luck this month.


For Kelly N - August 1

Hello. I was on Clomid 50mg/day 5-9 on day 14 i had really bad cramps everytime i moved. I did not concieve with clomid and now i am on my first round of femara. I am ovulating today and my cramps are not bad. I have spoken with alot of people about the clomid cramps but i get mixed answers. So women get it and some women dont. Its normal and if it is aroudn the time of Ovulation or during a orgasim its normal. From XOKIMXO


KellyN - August 1

Thanks guys! Its sooooo good to know that this is normal, at least for some people. Its also good to know that this won't necessarily happen every month. After all that pain I was beginning to wonder if the clomid was worth the trouble. Of course having a baby would be worth it! Good luck to both of you!!!! -kelly


Lena - August 1

Hi Kelly, I'm currently on my 5th clomid cycle and I've experienced this all 5 cycles. My first cycle I had 7 follicles over 24mm each that I had to lay in bed (doctor's orders) for 2 weeks. I was so scared that I didn't do another clomid cycle for over a year. I must say that the ovulation pain, though present, hasn't been as bad as the first cycle. Its been obvious these subsequent cycles but not as bad as the first. I just wear loose pants and try not to do too much heavy lifting. I'm like you, if this is going to get me a baby, then I could care less about the discomfort and inconvenience. I think I might be the only person in the world looking forward to morning sickness!


KellyN - August 2

Thanks Lena! I too am hoping for morning sickness, so I know exactly how you feel. That is odd that your dr required bed rest for two weeks for ovulation. My dr didn't tell me any of that. Though, it might have been a good idea. I was in bed most of the day that it happened, and now 5 days later am still feeling some minor cramping. Totally took me off guard! Good luck to you, Lena! Hopfully we will not have to endure this pain much more!! -kelly


Lena - August 2

Kelly, I had to lay in bed because I had 7 large, heavy follicles and they wouldn't ovulate so I ran the risk of uterine torque. I have a very physical job so my doctor was afraid I would do something to twist my ovary. In my subsequent clomid cycles, he has had a, "yeah, so you can feel it. Big deal." attitude.


TC - August 2

I would think of getting another doctor. They should at least appear to care about your discomfort! Good luck!


stefanie - August 24

Yes, last weekend I went to the ER because the pain was so bad. I hope that I am pregnant this month because I probably would not want to deal with that again.


stefanie - August 24

Yes, last weekend I went to the ER because the pain was so bad. I hope that I am pregnant this month because I probably would not want to deal with that again. I want to have a child but if it is this much work then maybe it is best to leave it up to God.


sunset - August 24

I went to the doctor yesterday because I had an awful pain in my cervix. My doctor told me that my ovary was swollen also.. I was taking the clomid.. 3-7 I stated having the pain on 8/20/05// He told me that it was sign of the clomid working.I didn't feel comfortable with his answer.. I was ovulating also 8/23/05// Now today my vision is not good and I have a bad headache,,my breast is sore // Has this ever happen to anyone else..


Lena - August 24

Sunset, It happened to me during all 5 of my clomid cycles.



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