Bad Cervical Mucus
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Helene - June 6

Has anyone ever experienced this? The fertility dr told me this is my problem while trying to get pregnant and the only alternative is insemination.


Melissa - June 6

Sorry. I've heard of it though. How do they tell? Does it look different? Did they test?


? - June 6

If your cervical mucous is too thick and not enough, you can take 1T of Robittussion cough medicine (active ingredient Guifesen only) to help thin it and produce more. I believe you start taking it a couple of days before ovulation, then stop after ovulation. I've heard this works well. Good Luck!


stacey - June 6

How did they figure that out? Did you have cm? I have heard of it before, but was wondering how they got to that conclusion...


Kelly - June 7

I was wondering also.


nena - June 7

i noticed about me is that i dont have cm for some reason i have not produced it or dont notice it i am confused also


helene - June 7

why dont you try what is called preseed i just ordered it online on saturday maybe that will help


nena - June 7

sorry that last one was for helene



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