bacterial vaginosis
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love - December 28

i was wondering if bacterial vaginosis can cause problems with conceiving. Everytime i have sex with my boyfriend I get a bv. Ive beent trying for 4 months and Im frustrated. i also have been using metrogel vaginally almost every week before my period for bv. Has anyone conceived while using metrogel or having a bv?


T - December 29

Well I can't actually help you but just letting you know your not alone. I have been fighting BV over and over for 5 years now and I have not been able to get pregnant. My husband and I have been married six years and together a lil over 9. Some Drs. tell me its an STD. I don't get that b/c my husband and I have only been w/ each other. They did test us for all other STD's (which cost a small fortune b/c insurance would not cover those test) of couse they all came back neg. So I don't know why I keep getting it and beleive it is what is keeping me from becoming pregnant. Good Luck to ya! Hope I find some answers on this post that help me too!!!


love - December 29

I also have beedn tested for stds. I can tell you my doctor said tha it does not cause infertility. Bv can cause pid which can cause infertility. I hope I will have more answers .


Momo - January 31

Hi Ladies -

Yes BV can cause PID which in turn can cause scarring which affects fertility. After 1 yr of trying you might want to do a laproscopy to see if you have any scarring. It's an out patient procedure and although you are put under, it takes about 15 mins and it's just to see what is going on in there. Good luck.


Longing4Baby - February 1

I've heard that BV changes the PH level of your vagina which effects the ability of sperm to survive in the vaginal canal.



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