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Tracy - April 11

OK girls, hope you find the new thread. Fresh starts are always inspiring!!!!


EMM - April 11

Hello. I am ready for a fresh start! My little brother got married, and it was so sad for me. I can't believe it. Nothing to report. I don't know if you guys have read the other post about Cheri the psychic lady...? She predicts that I will be pregnant by June with another boy. I have never really believed in that stuff, but I sure hope she is right.


Lynn - April 11

Wow....first one to post. I hope I do not miss anything while changing to a new thread. Okay......I am beginning my injection tomorrow. I am going to be doing 150cc for 6 days before I go in. I questioned big time while I had everyone (RE and nurse on the phone with me). keep in mind, I completely trust this RE.....he said with all my history, I will not over stim and be okay. basically the length is because they are off Easter weekend and I want to begin this cycle instead of sitting out a cycle. In August, I only prduced 1 follie by doing 125cc so my odds seem good. Tracy, If this doctor comes highly recommended, see what happens, listen, ask tons of questions and discuss options with dh. are you? D, how is the leg? did you make the mri appointment? Cc, I am fitting into the "ready to shot up" category. I know by Monday I will be singing another tune. I too would shot up daily of a child came out of it. My dh had the nerve to tell me maybe we should stop seeing we have put money into this and have not gotten nothing but heartache. I told him...not an option and if that is how he felt, we needed to chat. Hmmm, boy did he change his tune. Okay....Lori, I know the "want" for a child is big. I am talking to you as an online buddy who teaches special needs children (currently preschoolers...3&4). Please read up on fragile X and if they are making you decide so quickly, is there a reason for that? I do not want to hear you get in over your head. At any point of time, you can tell me to hush...shut up or whatever but...there is so much when it comes to a child with fragile X and even one that has developmental delays. Does your personal insurance kick in or do they get insurance from the state when you adopt a child with special needs? Can we chat about this? I want so much for you to research and think hard about this and discuss big time with dh. Children with special needs take a toll on a marriage. Am I rambling? check back later


Lynn - April 11

EMM, I did it also and was told within 6 month and a boy. We will see. Some say so specific...mine was not.


CC - April 11

Lynn, your whole post was so well said and thought out to Lori. I researched fragile X..Tracy was right when she said that kids w/ special needs have the need for parents to, but it does sound like a lot to deal with. Whatever you and dh decide will be the right thing for you both as a couple, but there seems to be a lot to think about. I will be anxious to hear what happens. Lynn, I think what your RE told you based on your history about going 6 days made sense. Thats where my RE failed, in that we have never done this together so she has no idea how I will respond. Good luck tomorrow, its exciting to start, but in the end, if you need to complain, Im right there with you to lend an ear (or eyes in this case!) I really hope tonight will be my last shot before the trigger, that would be heaven! Having 3 follicles is really what I am hoping for (I dont want triplets, but to have 3 chances would be awesome, if 1 took out of the three) but I will be happy tomorrow if I have just 1 that is ready. EMM-when my little brother get married, I am going to cry like a baby! I cant imagine!! I did see the Cheri prediction posts, but didnt do it. If she tells me I wont be pregnant for a long time, I dont want it to get me down. Not that she knows better then anyone else, but I just didnt want that thought out there. The last few days my mantra has been "Im going to have a New Years Baby!!" Thats what I have to believe for now.


Lori - April 11

Hi all. Lynn - thanks for your post. DH is not at all enthusiastic about "purposely" taking on a special needs child. He did say that we can do the pre-placement visitation and see how it goes. But, I don't want to do that and then turn around and have to say "no". I have been reading up on Fragile X all night long. It would be a HUGE commitment that would probably at the very least hinder if not end ttc all together. But, the thought of a child was nice for a while anyway. Well, iti is late and I am totally tired. So, good night all!!


Tracy - April 11

Ok, first of all....I wish I would have put our thread title in all caps and such because I like just running down the list and seeing it easily.....sorry girls. Glad a lot of you found your way already. Lori- I read up a little on Fragile X too and I just don't want you to get in over your head. Yes, I said those kids need mommies too, but that was my heart talking. My head tells me it would be overwhelming and scary. I fear everything though. Lynn-good luck starting the shots. CC-almost done right....ready for trigger??? I really hope this stuff works for you guys, because it's time you got your prize! I am going to do lots of research tonight on everything related to unexplained infertility so I go in armed tomorrow. Well, my DH just called and asked me to bring his cell to his office, so I have to run. Another morning I have not made it to the gym. Will have to struggle to do my workout later. I am behind since over the weekend I had family from both sides here, got AF, and had to take some migraine medication for two days. Oh yeah, but the cool thing is, DH knew I wanted an Ipod but he told me we could not afford it right now. Well, yesterday he called me to go have lunch with him, but when I got to his office, he had an Ipod waiting there for me. I had been telling him how hard it is to get through my cardio workout with no music, so he surprised me as a reward for my continuing effort. Now if we could just get me to stop smoking!!!!!


CC - April 11

Good morning everyone. Tracy that was sweet your dh got you the Ipod. I have been so emotional lately and that story made me cry! I am a mess. Lori, sorry about your ultimate decision but like I said, whatever you and dh decided would be right. I understand your feelings of getting involved and then having to say no, and I understand the wanting of a child. This just wasnt meant to be for reasons yet unknown. Getting ready to see the RE this morning. Feeling negative and nervous. I'll post when I get back..


Tracy88 - April 11

CC-I can't believe you cried over an Ipod!!!! You are emotional aren't you?? That is too cute. Got to get ready for work. Check in on how your appointment went later. Good luck!!!!!!


LoriB43 - April 11

Good morning everyone! Lynn - good luck with the start of your injections today. CC - Thinking of you and hoping that you have multiple good size follies and are ready to trigger & IUI!! I hate to keep harping on this adoptive placement stuff, but DH and I were talking again this morning and we decided to do 2 - 3 preplacement visits to see if it will work out. A lot of times they make everything sound much worse than it really is, so it is something we want to see for ourselves. I just got off the phone with the caseworker and she was telling me some more things that are making me think that maybe this little boy isn't as low functioning as they are trying to present. It may have some things to do with the family dynamics and the situation that he is placed in at this time. So like I said we are going to see for ourselves. The caseworker said that as soon as she hears something she will give us a call. I told her that we have nothing yet (like a crib, car seat, etc...) So, if we do the visits we are going to have to get all that stuff first. Thanks for letting me ramble on. How is everybody else doing today??? Once again, I have been trying to post and this site has been a pain in the a** all morning and not letting me!!


CC - April 11

Lori, let me first say, you are not harping on whats going on in your life! This is important stuff for you! I think you made a good tentative decision to find out for yourselves what you will be up against and what it would really be like to be dealing with a child who is challenged in whatever aspects. What does the caseworker need to hear before doing the placement visits and from who ? It is exciting, I will admit. Please keep us posted, and do not feel badly if, in the end, you feel that this is not right for you and your dh. You must do whats right for you, as Im sure you already know by now with your first experience. Tracy, I am sappy these days, what can I say! I love that you got your Ipod-lol. Lynn, I know you dont post till later in the day, but will be excited when you get started and post. Tracy has a Dr appointment tomorrow, things are moving again! Lori, did you start your Clomid yet ? RE appointment went well, and I feel like a fool for doubting her, and being negative this morning before I got there. I wanted at least 3 follicles, and got that plus 2 more for a total of 5!! I have 2 on my right which are both @ 13 mm (is it mm's?-I think so) and I have 3 on my left (the side that I never had anything on while taking the Clomid) that are 12, 13, and 14. Who hoo! My dh went with me and was so proud, until the fear set in that technically if it works this cycle we could have 5..I dont think that will happen, but I am feeling good that I have so many in there. They arent quite ready yet, so tonight more shots, then trigger tomorrow @ 9:00 am and have IUI Thursday @ 8:15 am and Friday @ 8:00 am. Phew. I just keep praying. Hope everyone is having a good day today! Will check back later for Lori updates. d, where are you ?


CC - April 11

For those of you who know a lot about follicle sizes (I really dont) does that sound like good sizes if I am going to trigger tomorrow ?


d - April 11

hey all. my knee is bad so i can't write long. i can't bend it. so i can't sit at the pc. i am going for a mri tomorrow. good luck on your new months. Lori, it depends on the disability on the child if you will get money every month for him. My step brother is deaf and he has and always will get checks.. and medicaid. but it just depends.
before i go. i just wanted to let you all know that for some odd reason my bb's hurt bad. af wouldnt be due until the 23 or after. so i wondering if march was af. i am think i should test before i go tomorrow just to be safe. i don't know why they can be hurting. ttyl. GOOD LUCK ON ALL YOUR NEW CYCLES> i have a good feeling.


LoriB43 - April 11

CC - Wow girl that is great news!!! I am so excited for you!!! As far as follicle sizes go, my RE likes to see them at at least 16 before trigger shot but other RE's are always different. And I have also heard that they grow 1 - 2 mm (I think it is) daily. So, you should be fine to trigger. Are they going to check you again before they actually do the trigger? What CD are you on? Wow, I am so happy for you!! D - sorry that your knee is still bothering you so much. When I had an MRI done they asked me if there was a possibility if I could be pregnant... I said "of course there is always the possibility when you don't use any form of birth control and are sexually active but I doubt it". (Duh!!) So, they called the Dr. and he ordered a blood pregnancy test before they would do the MRI. It put the procedure behind a little bit, but better safe than sorry. So, test to ease any doubts you may be having. As far as our possible placement goes. They have a placement meeting tomorrow and we should know then or at least within a few days whether we have been "chosen" as prospective adoptive parents. If so then we will do the pre-placement visits... usually the first visit is at the agency, then a day visit and then an over night visit. To clear it up a little, the child is not with our agency, he is with another counties agency. And being that we are adoptive parents and not foster-to-adopt they can't place the child in the home unless our intention is to adopt. But, we HAVE to have the child in our home for at least 6 months (it varies by county) before we can begin to finalize. And at that time we also have the right to refuse. If we were foster to adopt parents he probably would already be with us (just as a foster child). And it does all move really fast. Every kid we ever had in our home, they called and either that day or the next day, the kid was in our home.


Lynn - April 11

Lori....the adopotion issue is a big thing for you so talk away. I am sure everyone here will listen and try to give an objective answer. I do have one thing to caution......I am extremely involved with the special need population and I am one person who loves my job working with the kids and seeing all the progress a child can make in the right environment. I am also one who sees the stress this can put on oneself. Please ask some questions about if this little person has been evaluated for a developmental evaluation recently and if you can have copies of his information to read. Even at such a young age, there is tests and it can give you a little picture of him. Find out his speech/language issues if any...any fine motor, gross motor issues and if he has sensory problems to either food or clothing. Okay...I will hush....I just want you to be able to get a full picture. You are a special person and I am sure you would do a great job being a mommie to a special needs child but I want you to have as much info as possible. It is a fulltime job 24/7 to be a mommie to a special needs child (I know to any child) but sometimes they do not development enough to grow up and be on their own sometimes. Enough said..........when do you begin clomid again?


Lynn - April 11

Tracy, do you have your questions ready. 1 more day and you can get some piece of mind. Ask everything and anything you can. Do not let anyone at this practice make you feel like you are asking too many questions or being a pain. Take charge girl. I am glad dh surprised you. It is nice he can do those things. Hey..about the no smoking....have you thought about acupuncture. You know jcr knows all about that...ask her?


Lynn - April 11

D....I am sorry to hear about your knee being so messed up. OUCH, is all I can say. I so hope they can do something for you and the MRI will tell them something. Keep us posted when you can.



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