Baby stops developing
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PrincessesMom - August 4

I am pretty sure that I am in the process of my 2nd m/c. For some reason my babies just stop develping at 5-6 weeks. My OB says we will test this one if I do lose it. My question is, "What can be done?" I concieve just fine, I've carried a baby full term before, my progesterone levels are fine, the baby just stops developing. What would the OB test for? How can I fix the problem? I feel so helpless!


kristie h - August 4

Im so sorry, i have 1 live birth and i have had 2 miscarriages since his birth so it does happen. I am getting all the tests done too but on myself as they couldnt find the problem with the 2nd baby i lost. Just go with the flow cause doctors dont usually look at you untill you have lost atleast three so count your self lucky. He would do test on ALL you hormones and once you have passed the baby about 1-2 months later ask for a ultrasound to make sure things are good. I had a miscarriage in feb this year and have been ttc since, my doc is finally looking into why i have not became pregnant yet and i found out the other day my uterine lining is less then 2mm thick in mid cycle. As i said go with the flow it will all be good just for peice of mind.


PrincessesMom - August 4

Thanks Kristi! I'm staying as positive as I can, but the waiting is driving me crazy!


isa - August 7

they will probably test the tissue for reasons for misscarriage such as chromosomal issues. Most m/c are due to that reason alone. I copied this over from another website: Some practitioners will order special blood and genetic tests to try to find out what's going wrong after two miscarriages in a row, particularly if you're 35 or older or have certain medical conditions. Others will wait until you've had three consecutive losses. In certain situations, such as if you had a second trimester miscarriage or an early third trimester premature birth from a weakened cervix, you might be referred to a high-risk specialist after a single loss so she can carefully manage your pregnancy."



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