Baby Poops..Friday
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Emily - February 9

Hi ladies, thought I would start a new thread.....


.... - February 9

I think this belongs on the signs of pregnancy board. In fact, I think most of your posts belong there. We are women having problems getting pregnant, hence the title of this forum.


Carol - February 9

Hi Emily! What's this thread all about?


Jeanette - February 9

Hi Em! What are ya doing over here? lol!


Emily - February 9

I am not over here, but someone likes to think they are me....


jeanette - February 9

if we are not in red....then its NOT us....we have had this problem with impersonators on "signs of pg" you gals over here just ignore the posts in our names....


ashley - February 9



Ann - February 10

you ladies have some problems. Stay away and don't bring them here, we have enough of our own!


... - February 10

just a question, Emily if you weren't over here then why are you here in red???


... - February 10

Good question to the last poster. I have started seeing the "Emily Frank" name all over the place with some pretty strange comments considering we are having trouble ttc.


Emily - February 10

I have to appolijize if anyone was hurt by any comments from a n Emily or Em or whatever. I only post singed in. Someone told me that my name was showing up in some of these boards so I had to see. I am so sorry for you ladies having troubles getting pregnant. I know how bad it feels to want a baby so much, but I was a lucky one. I wish all of you luck and baby dust!


CR - February 10

yes, you were lucky, thanks for rubbing it in, now go back to your own thread.thanks.


Natasha - February 10

no need to be so rude CR, Emily was only trying to explain. Shes a nice person so dont be nasty to her!



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