baby dust to all of you
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rach - June 17

i am sprinkling baby dust on every1 and i hope every1 replies to this to sprinkle some on me and each other, we are all in the same boat (ttc) and for some its been longer than ovulation is due sunday wish me luck lol just joking.really wanting this to be the month xXx baby dust to you all xXx


kim - June 17

loadsa baby dust for you too, ive heard that june is the most popular time of year for a woman to get pregnant, it must be something in the air lol. good luck and all the best xxxx kim


rach - June 17

i want my baby born in march near my birthday but i have been trying for over a year good luck to you, do you know if them ovulation calculators really work


Nancy - June 17

I'm TTC for baby #1.....and it's been more than a year already. I also wanted to be pregnant this month. God bless to all of us..


Alissa - June 17

Thank you and the same to U! I had AF arrive this month so I hope next month will be different??? good luck to all :)-


Drew - June 17

Thank you, I think we all could certainly use it!! And a whole heap of it to you. This is our month, I would love a March baby too! Good luck everyone!!


Cutie - June 17

THANK YOU, I wish you Tons of baby dust as well


Beautiful - June 18

Thank you Rach. I'm definately sprinking ***baby dust*** on you as well. God bless and goodluck!


Beka - June 18

Hi Rach, Lots of baby dust to you too! This is my first month trying... I hoping for a March baby as well. Best of luck...


Beka - June 18

I tried the ovulation calculator online and it said my best day was June 11, but I think I started ovulating on friday


rach - June 20

i am ovulating today but had sex on saturday i am going to give it one more shot tonight and then hope for the best, your baby dust mite just be helping xXx


kc - June 21

rach - Thanks for the sprinkling. I'll give you a few extra sprinkles since you are ovulating this week. I'll be ovulating next week. Lots of luck and baby dust to you. I hope next year this time you'll be cuddling a 3 month infant. Keep doing the bd.


rach - June 21

thankyou so much baby dust to u for next week think my ovulation is over i didnt get any indication of when it is but i am hoping this is it doing test next week


ADR - June 21

Baby dust to all of you!! I got my AF on 6/19=( so i will be ovulating around 6/29-7/02 or so..according to the calculator thing...hope this month is the month for all of us!!! BABY DUST!!!


Leena - August 4

Baby dust to all of you!!


KellyN - August 4

Big BABY DUST back at you guys!!!! -kelly


NAD - August 4

we've been trying from march to concieve and nothing yet!....loads of baby dust bak to u rach!



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