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natalia - September 17

pls givew me some tips how i can concieve baby boy as now i hve baby girl of 18months as i m planning for baby boy


Mindi - September 17

I don't think there is any one particular thing you can do, but I have heard that some people swear by those chinese prediction calendars. Good luck!


To: Natalia - September 17

Hi Natalia, i don't think you have any control over which sex you can conceive. Think of it this way, you have a 50/50 chance. Good luck to you


Nicole - September 17

Chart your cycles, obstain at first sights of fertile fluid have sex as close to ovulation as possible(day of). Male sperm are faster this should help. If you have any more questions just write and I'll try to explain and as said befor nothing is for sure!:)


Hi - September 18

Eat vegetables, red meat and no dairy products. Try to keep a good healthy diet though.


Samantha - September 18

i know this sounds weird but i heard that if a girl has an orgasm she has a better chance of having a boy than if she doesnt cause the girls cum kills all the female sperm ..... again just what i heard im not so sure


Samantha - September 18

i knew i read it somewhere ... i read it in an american baby magazine ...use alkaline douches boy friendly acidic girl friendly..... sex positions rear entry -boy missionary- girl ... boy friendly diet favor meat caffeine and sodium.....
they got this from a book called "How to choose the sex of your baby" By: Maverick obstetrician Landrum B. Shettles M.D.


A. - September 18

Im sorry but I really dont think you get to choose. Leave that up to god.


agree - September 18

why should you be able to choose, either sex is a blessing from god, you should be so lucky, when others out there cant even concive and just want one child to love no matter what he or she is! grow the heck up....if you are choosing then you wouldnt love the baby either way!


To Agree - September 18

I'm with you. She should be so lucky to even have a baby let alone try to choose the sex of the baby. Many of us are having a really hard time conceiving, I would die for a chance to have a GIRL or BOY. Please love that child no matter what sex it is.


to natalia - September 18

Ok all, I think you're missing the point of this.. She's simply asking if there's anything that she can do to increase her chances of having a boy. I've seen this so many times on the board that people want to ask a certain question and get posted back saying that "you should count your lucky stars that you already have one.." Please people, no one wants to hear that. Just be empathetic and try to answer her question as best as possible. If you don't have an answer, then please don't post back and try to make her feel bad for asking.. No one would like that to happen to them, so just keep that in mind. Anyways, Natalia.. I have read that if you have intercourse the day that you are supposed to ovulate then your chances of having a boy are increased marginally as male sperm can't survive as long as female sperm can in the environment. So, if you had sex 2-5 days before ovulation (as sperm can survive that long), most of the male sperm will have died while the female sperm are still thriving. Again, I don't know this for sure, it's just something that I've read on the internet. Use the internet. It should help a lot! Please however take heed to the advice of the others and be happy with whatever you do conceive as they are all little miracles. Take care and good luck!


To the answer above - September 18

I know she's asking a ques and we are not purposely trying to hurt her but you got to realize if you ask ques you have to learn to take criticism too. That's how real life works. If you don't like to hear people's opinions then don't ask questions. It's that simple.


To the answer above: - September 18

Yes, I agree with you wholeheartedly, but the question was not "should I feel grateful that I have one child and not want a child of the oppositite sex", the question was how can she increase her chances of conceiving a boy. All I was trying to say was that we should stick to an answer for the question at hand.. That's all I was trying to say.. Take care! BABY DUST TO ALL..


To the answer above - September 19

Fair enough, I agree with you there.



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