Baby Asprin
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Kimmie - November 23

DH & I have been ttc for a few months now & we are always willing to try new things to hopefully conceive soon! I read a thread on here a day or so ago about baby asprin. It said that taking 1 baby asprin per day can help conceive. Is this true or just a myth? Like I said, we are willing to try just about anything, but I would like to know what anyone else has to say about it....thanks!


~S - November 23

It doesn't necessarily help you conceive as much as it helps with implantation. It is prescribed to people doing IVF. It thins the blood and increase blood flow to areas! Hope this helps you out!


Kimmie - November 23

I am not currently taking anything...besides pre natal vitamins. Is baby asprin something that I should consider?


guest - November 23

I was wondering the same thing! I found a study from 1999 saying there was a 50% increase in conception/implantation in IVF patients. But then a 2005 study said no difference. But I started it anyway. I'm on cd 23 but I O'd on cd 20.


Rachel - November 23

I would just be cautious with baby aspirin. I took for a while until I went for my physical and they took a blood test and that area bruised up quite a bit and the cotton ball was soaked in blood. It really thins it out to the point that if you were to accidentally cut yourself, get into an accident, sustain any injury that you could lose a lot more blood much faster. I just don't think it's worth the chance, if my doctor hasn't told me to take it then I'm not going to anymore.
Kimmie - I take an extra folic acid per day, Omega 3-6-9 supplement (that's just for healthy eating reasons as I don't like salmon). I also take Primrose Oil prior to ovulation, you shouldn't take this after you ovulate.
I'm also trying Robitussin to increase EWCM prior to ovulation, 1tsp 3 times a day. I'll be giving Preseed a whirl to for the first time this month.


Toni - November 23

My dr told me that the only reason to take a baby aspirin is if you have problems with m/c due to blood clots. And that is not proven yet. So I don't think it helps with ttc.


Kimmie - November 23

Thanks everyone! Rachel, about the primrose oil, I have also heard this mentioned several times. What is it, & what is it supposed to do? I am currently taking pre-natal vitamins & 1 additional vitamin c each day. I want to make sure that I am taking enough of each vitamin, but I have also heard that taking too much of a vitamin is just as bad as not taking enough. Maybe I will hold off of the baby asprin for a few more months...if we don't conceive by January then I have to go in for an ultrasound. I sure wish all of this was easier! :)


me - November 27

Baby aspirin may not be the best thing to take during pregnancy, die to the blood thinning properties. A good prenatal, healthy eating habits and no drugs or alcohol are things you need for giving good odds at conception. Do not use anything else unless your dr gives the ok. Herbs and natural remedies may have some health benefits, but again, use them with caution and ask your dr.


kc - November 28

I have been taking ba for months now. I told my doc and he said it wouldn't hurt. Ba is a very low dose and will not hurt. But to be on the safe side I was going to stop once if I get to the 2nd trimester.



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