Baby Aspirin prevents m/c's?
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RR - August 31

I have read in several places that baby aspirin will help avoid m/c's? Do you know if are supposed to take it daily and when?
Is it safe to take eventhough you do not have a history of m/c's (just as a precaution).


D. - August 31

You really should discuss it with your doc since aspirin is a blood thinner and coul cause complications. That said, baby aspirin (BA) can help increase blood flow to the uterus, making for a healthier lining which improves implantation. After implantation, BA can help by preventing clotting issues, which have been known to cause miscarriages. My REs have all had me on baby aspiring starting around CD3 and wanted me on it through the first trimester. If they felt there was the possibility of a problem, they would have kept me on it throughout the entire pregnancy. Most docs will say it won't hurt anything. But you really need to make sure!


Lena - August 31

Several studies have shown that aspirin in early pregnancy may cause miscarriages, not prevent them. I'd discuss with your doctor before you take it. When I became pg, my dr told me under no circumstances should I take aspirin or advil, only tylenol. Before becoming pg, I took 1 baby aspirin daily for heart prevention.


Kelli - September 1

Studies have shown advil is not good for the baby but aspirin and tylenol is fine in early pregnancy. My doctor told me that and he is in the top 10 precentile in conception in the U.S. So I trust him.


D - September 1

Let's keep in mind the difference between baby aspirin and regular aspirin. No one is advocating adult aspirin.


Briana - September 1

Hello ladies I am new in this thread and am trying for baby #2. With my first pregnancy I took baby asprin one week before conception every evening and stopped when I was about 8 weeks and I have a healthy baby and great pregnancy. I will try it again for baby #2!


KellyN - September 1

I've looked at a few papers about this on the internet that someone else gave out in another thread. The studies show that asprin and advil are of the same group of pain relievers, and both may cause m/c when taken routinely in adult doses. However, I agree with D, we are talking about baby asprin, and all the studies are about adult asprin/ibuprophin. Also in the studies, the rats and people took a good bit of the medication. In the case of the study on rats, the amount of medication was enough to kill a good percentage of them. In those doses, how could they not m/c?? I don't see any harm in taking a small baby asprin per day, especially if it will help blood flow to the uterus and prevent clotting that may cause m/c. But do talk to your doc about it first, because he may know something about your potential to m/c that you don't realize.


Lena - September 1

Keep in mind that baby aspirin is 81 mg acetylsalicylic acid and a adult strenght is 320 mg of acetylsalicylic acid. There is a dosage difference but regardless of the dosage, acetylsalicylic acid is a known estrogen binder and encourages prostoglandin production. I still suggest you talk to your doctor.



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