Baby Aspirin - your thoughts please
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jg - March 4

I have never been advised to take (or not to take) baby aspirin, but since seeing it brought up on here as a recommended treatment by many doctors, I did some research and it seems quite beneficial. What are your thoughts on this? Has anyone ever been warned AGAINST it? If you do take it, why, and how much? Thanks everyone, I am really interested to see what you all have to say. :-)


Hannah B - March 4

JG, I am on the March IUI thread with you. I took baby aspirin this last cycle, but my doctor only prescribed it after I ovulated. I have elevated ANA in my blood which they said can cause clotting. Thus with clotting that could prevent blood from being transmitted to your implanted embryo. I figure that if we are going through all this trouble already and the doctor recommends it to help prevent clotting, I'm going to follow the advice. I heard it has helped a lot.


Chas - March 4

I don't really know a lot about this. But, to me unless you have a clotting problem like Hannah mentioned, I wouldn't take it. It can thin your blood, and that to ME would increase chance of miscarriage or thin the uterine lining. Just my two cents, Good luck !


Sara - March 4

I took baby aspirin when I was starting my first IUI. I started to take it on day 1 of my cycle. It helps with the blood flow to the uterus. It is a low dose aspirin but I would only use it on the advice of your doctor. Good luck.


bina - March 5

Hello. I will be starting the IVF process. I'm starting Lupron injections on Wednesday and my doc advised me to start taking baby aspirin that day as well. I've never taken it before, but I would definitely ask your doctor before taking it. Good luck!


wantanotheraftertr - March 5

My dr. advised I start taking it now that I got a +. I take 1 pill a day they said something asbout preventing blood clots. at this point I will do everything he tells me to do good luck and babydust


Bahootie - March 6

In my IVF process I was prescribed 81 mg of baby asprin a day to be taken once a day. I started the day of injections and was advised to stay on till pregnancy test. It thins the blood to help clots that can get in the way of implantation. I would talk to your doctor but I doubt there is any harm in it.



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