baby aspirin??? Do I need it?
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confused - January 28

I've heard lots of people mention taking baby aspirin while ttc. I am on my second day of Clomid (pres.) due to anovulation and am curious if baby aspirin would be beneficial. I don't really understand why people takeit.... I have mucinex and preseed. (Since this is my first round of clomid I don't know how my cm will be with it) So, if anyone has been in a similar situation or knows anything about this please give me any info!


Tracy - January 28

I take the baby aspirin because my doctor told me to. He said it helps to thin the lining of your uterus, which helps implantation. I too am on clomid and told my doctor that this cycle I had taken Mucinex and he said it actually affects cervical mucous negatively and to stick with the robitussin. I did not know that, but had taken robitussin too, mucinex was just easier to carry to work. I would call your doctor and ask about the aspirin. Clomid tends to thin the lining too, and I think my doctor had a reason for me wanting to take the aspirin, perhaps it is my age or how I described my periods. I don't know what he based his decision on. Good luck!


nic - April 20

I'm on baby aspirin as I've had 2 miscarriages and it's supposed to help prevent miscarriage because it thins the blood and ensures adequate blood supply to the uterus. I would take it - it won't do you any harm.


isa - April 21

I was on a baby asprin a day when I was hyperstimulating to help alleviate the problems I was having but it was at doctors orders. I have had 3 chemical pregnancies and ask the RE if I should take an asprin a day as I had heard it helps prevent miscarriage and he said not to as it causes other problems at times such as bleeding in the stomach among other things. Not to scare you just so you know. I would make sure you ask your doc as your doc has all your info and all your personal stats and he/she should decide. I also found out if you take vitamin E you shouldn't take asprin and he has me on vit E every dayday (its an antioxidant ). I'm not sure what else asprin affects but it seems to be one of those things that can really help or really hinder depending on the situation so just be careful and don't medicate yourself as it may cause you more problems than it solves.



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