baby aspirin??
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hannah01 - January 14

i have been reading a lot of articles about baby aspirin and benefits to fertility. apparently it increases blood flow to your ovaries and uterus, thus helping conception and reducing miscarriages. have any of you tried this or heard good/bad things about it from your RE's?


babybaby - January 14

Hello there! Baby aspirin or low dose adult aspirin (81 mg) helps prevent miscarriages by thickening the uterine wall. IVF patients are instructed to take baby aspirin before the embryos transfer to help the bab(ies) implant. I am doing IUI, but I also take baby aspirin and my uterine lining always look great so I hink it's helping me also. Good Luck!


pmblake - January 15

HI Hannah, I'm trying the low dose aspirin this month. My dr. said it couldn't hurt and I have had multiple m/cs. I'm also having some antibiody testing done to see if my body is rejecting the fetus. I'm not 100% how that ties into the aspirin, but my dr. said that if any of the test come back abnormal then I would stay on baby aspirin and possibly heparin most of the next pregnancy. (assuming I get pregnant again!) I do know that w/ one of my m/c I had a blood clotting issue . Low dose aspirin does help with that. Has your doctor recommended baby/low dose aspirin for you?


KitCat - January 16

Hi Hannah.......I was told by my ob that many people have some type of clotting disorder, yet they don't find out until there is a problem. With women, they usually find out when they have problems ttc and with men, it's usually when they have an embollism. I am positive for Factor V Lieden-heterozygous and I take low dose aspirin every day while ttc or not. Like pmblake said, if I get pg again I would have to take heparin shots daily until 6 weeks post partum to assure of no clots. With that being said, that doesn't mean that is the problem for you. I had an early m/c, then was pg with my son who is now 7, and that was before I even found out about the clotting issues. Although, when I was pg with my son I did take the aspirin because a g/f of mine suggested it. Good luck to you.


lovemy3 - January 16

hi there, I have only taken it from 20 weeks on in prevention of preeclampsia. I am 4 dpo, would be it be ok to start now?


pmblake - January 16

Hi Lovemy3! I think starting now would be fine. I have heard alot of good things about low dose (81mg) aspirin. I've heard nothing bad about taking it. I think though once a pregnancy is confirmed you would want to consult your dr. They may opt to take you off of it. Good luck this month!!!


stepmommel - January 16

Just thought I'd put my two cents worth in. I would imagine that the baby aspirin is good for TTC as well as for the pregnancy. Totally by coincidence, I had my first doc appt yesterday (I'm 8 wks pg) and the doc advised me to take one baby aspirin per day with my prenatals. This was because my blood pressure was slightly high and she said it would help the blood flow to the baby among other things, but honestly that's the only reason I can recall right now. So, if it's ok for pregnancy, and others have heard it's ok for TTC, I would IMAGINE it's fine... but it's always best to get a doc's opinion of course. Good luck to ya'll! BABY DUST!



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