Baby Aspirin
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Mega - March 20

Hi. I was just wondering if anyone is currently taking Baby Aspirin. If so, did your dr recommend it or are you trying it on your own? I've heard a lot of good things about it & I'm thinking of trying it this cycle. I am TTC #1, & am currently 2 DPO, I had my IUI on Saturday. Any success stories out there with Baby Aspirin?


TJ - March 20

Baby asprin can increase blood flow to your uterus, thus increasing your lining. Hope this helps! We also are on it and no luck yet. TTC since September, 3 IUI's now moving toward IVF. Blessings to you!


Mega - March 20

Sounds like it couldn't hurt...only help. Good luck with the IVF, TJ. I've heard that many drs recommend women undergoing IVF stick with baby aspirin.


sal - March 21

Hey ladies. When you speak of taking baby aspirin, how much and how often are you supposed to take it?


Sara - March 21

After 11 years of neg preg tests I finally popped up preg. I am now 34 weeks and have been on baby asprin since week 7. I have a positive ANA (diagnosed with connective tissue disease ..)which in my pregnancy 11 years ago caused the placenta to clot and I had very low fluid from 6 months on. I ended up in the hospital at 29 weeks and was induced at 35 weeks. Of course depending on what your doc tells you, I really believe the asprin has made a world of difference for me this pregnancy. My fluid levels are great and my baby girl is growing right on target for her gest. Hopefully in the next 4-6 weeks we will have the baby we thought we would never have again. Wish us luck


isa - March 21

Mega I was on low dose (81mg- 1/day)asprin last cycle once I started to hyperstimulate (doctor prescribed) to keep me from clotting. My blood is still thin and I didnt take it this cycle at all. Be careful if you use it without your doc advising you to. (not a successstory with it- sorry)


Mega - March 21

I'm just at the point where I'm willing to try almost anything. I think I will call my dr though to make sure it's okay. Sal--Just 1 pill a day of the low-dose (81 mgs) aspirin like St. Joseph's or Bayer. Sara, good luck with the rest of your pregnancy! I'm glad this PG is much smoother & healthier for you.


for Mega - March 22

Found this and it made me nervous that taking asprin may cause eggs not to be released so be careful. From website ........How is Aspirin Taken?
Aspirin therapy is taken orally in small daily doses. Also known as baby aspirin, low dose aspirin therapy contains between 78 and 81 milligrams of acetylsalicylic acid. If you are taking aspirin for infertility you should be under the direct supervision of a licensed health care provider.

Aspirin Side Effects
Aspirin therapy is still being tested for side effects and is currently only available when taken in combination with Heparin. Long-term use of aspirin is not recommended, because it may actually interfere with fertility. Long-term aspirin use appears to prevent a woman's eggs from being released from their follicles, inhibiting ovulation. Aspirin therapy should not be taken by women who are:

* allergic to aspirin
* experiencing gastric inflammation or bleeding


nan - March 23

Sara, I was so glad to read your success story. I also have pos ANA, but no disease or clotting problems (even though I have joint and muscle pain). I had 3 chemical pregnancies in a row and i'm so scared to try again. Maybe if i try low dose Aspirin it might help, but I don't even get to 7 weeks! Do you remember what your ANA titre was before you got pregnant and did you get a lot more pain during your pregnancy?


lilly2 - March 23

Hi girls, i am on aspirin 100mg every day b/c it is the only i could find in australia.This is my first month on aspirin.I heard from many succesfull multiples moms it help them trough pregnancy.I am currently waiting for my antibodies etc, results and I'll take aspirin all the time to see if it can help to me as well.Had my iui 6 days ago, so now one week to go if is inside my tummy any miricle.TTC#1 since june, 2 m/c, 3 rounds on clomid 50mg and now on injectible puregon 50ml.As well this is first time I had 5 follies, but 3 of them good size so it is all in Gods hands.Whotever, pregnant or not, I'll keep taking aspirin.Good luck to all.


Mega - March 23

"To Mega"--Well, I triggered last Thurs., so I definitely released my egg, but still that's an interesting fact you found on Shared Journey. Thanks for sharing that. I bought the baby aspirin a couple days ago but I just took it that first day. I decided just to stick with prenatals & see what happens this 2 WW. But good luck to you all currently taking the aspirin, I hope it works for you!


Melissa - March 23

My doctor told me to start taking 1 baby aspirin as soon as the pregnancy test is positive. He said a couple of years ago women were told to take when ttc. Now they have discovered it may decrease your fertility.


mg - March 24

I talked to my MD about taking baby asprin and she said all the fertility clinics have thier patients take it to help with implantation. Motrin on the other had can actually prevent implantation from occurring.


Mega - March 24

Thanks for checking with your dr, mg. It's always best to find out from an expert! Good to know!



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