Baby Aspirin
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anonymous99 - March 29

hi, has anyone's ovualtion been affected in a negative way by using baby aspirin daily?


JenG - March 30

I have not taken, but have read that it can negatively effect ovulation and even prohibit. If you are TTC, you should not be putting any medicine in your mouth that your OBGYN has not blessed. I would follow the 'approved' meds or call your doctor.


nic - April 20

I disagree with JenG. After having 2 miscarriages my doc put me on daily baby aspirin in case I get preggo again (it's supposed to help prevent miscarriage), and I'm supposed to keep taking it until 20 weeks pregnant.


Cloe - April 20

Baby Aspirin is sometimes given to pregnant women that have Lupus. It helps thin the blood, and prevent access clotting.



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