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autumn - March 29

I've been reading this site for a while now and I was just woundering if anybody has gone on to have a healthy baby or awaiting baby on clomid. All I seem to read is that ladies seem to miscarry on this drug. Has anybody gone on to have a happy ending. Please let me know.


silvie - March 29

Hi, I am 11 weeks along ,with "CLOMID" baby. Everything goes fine, no problems so far at all...thank God. There is no connection m/c-Clomid , trust me...could have side effects for you...but if m/c occurs, it is caused by other reasons/age of mother, defect ova or sperms, chemicals, drug, alcohols..genetics../ Clomid is nothing to be scared of, it is a perfect solution how to solve mild infertility problems. For me it is a miraculous pill.


bump - March 30




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